Liliato- The Realization

20 minutes?! That's all the time I'd have left with Bato if he never   comes back from the war?! I forced myself to take a deep breath and to   think straight. I knew what Bato was going to do. He was going to   somehow smuggle Loki into the airship. That gave me about 15 minutes   to do what I needed to do.

I owed his father too much to let the   generals take his only son away from him! Bato's father had only two   loves in life, Bato and water-bending, the love of the water nation.  

I rushed to Bato's suddenly unfamiliar house, running through to   Harato's (Bato's dad) study room. In a flash I saw Darato (Bato's mum) hunched over the ancient oak desk.

"Misstress Darato! Misstress Darato! The war generals have come to take Bato   to the war! You must come and persuade them to leave him here and get   someone else!" I exclaimed so fast, I barely took a single breath.   Misstress Darato took a deep breath before replying, "What is the problem   of that? If he comes back safely, he's a hero. If he dies in the war,   he will die an honourable death, and will also become a hero."

This took me by shock. I thought Misstress Darato would hate Bato being   taken away from him because he was her only memory of her husband, Bato's father. Then it struck me. Maybe it wasn't Misstress Darato   who would miss him. Maybe, just maybe, it was me.
The End

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