Josiah - Unwanted connection

I stood a few metres behind the girl. She froze, sensing my presence; I decided I should make myself known, seeing as she knew I was here.

‘That’s a nice song you got singing there.’ It was fire’s national anthem.

The girl turned. Her grey-blue eyes locked on mine, scared.

‘I don’t think I’ve seen you around fire, and I know everyone. How did you learn it?’

‘I-I … I don’t know.’

‘Do you know what the song actually is?’

‘I was just making it up?’

‘No you weren’t. That’s my national anthem.’

‘You’re… you’re fire!’

‘Yes I am little missy. How’d you know?’

‘You’re so hot.’

‘Why thank you. You’re very blunt aren’t you?’

‘No I meant… heat is radiating off of you.’

The girl stood up and a rush of air flew around the field. She was obviously wind. No one else could control air like that unless they were extremely flatulent. The sudden wind whipped up the white hair tied up in a ponytail on the back of her head.

‘I’m Wyrin. I’m wind.’ She said shyly.

‘Josh.’ I stuck out my hand to shake, intentionally burning her. I didn’t realise she was the enemy, or else I’d probably killed her straight away. She floated up in the air, turning away from me, and was whisked away. I turned to walk in the woods.

I’d never met anyone from Wind or Water. The W2 as my friends like to call them. I’m supposed to hate them but somehow she didn’t seem as bad. She was a normal person, with different talents. She was nice.

 I’ve decided to find out why we are at war. I never actually knew. We probably started it, knowing our kings. They always have a fierce temper. The present king enjoys seeing people suffer and has only young girls working in the palace. They have to dress in one shouldered roman togas. The government is also bad, and racist. Our president is completely racist, except for Earth. His wife is earth, and a lot more down to earth. She’s sensible. Everyone likes her. I think we think she should be president, not him.

I don’t know how he got voted in. He was nice a long time ago. Then he changed. He changed the voting system to votes only come every twenty years. The war has been going on longer than that but he was probably “perfect for the job” as my dad would have said.

I kicked up the leaves. Thinking about the war made me angry. Although I don’t like W2, I don’t like war much. So many people have to die. Most of the men are away. Our population has fallen so much over the past fifty years. We aren’t always doing so well. At the end of the year I will have to go.

I lit a ball of light in my palm and threw it at the dead leaves. Then I ran as fast as I could, sparks flying off my heels.

The End

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