At Death's DoorMature

There was a way to get past death's dome. If you knew the secret of course, and being Death's brother's... we knew the secret. There was always part of the dome that was an illusion. It looked like the rest of the dome but you couldn't feel the terror emanating from it. It was about the size of your average door. When we found the section we paused for a moment and let  conquest knock it in a complicated rhythm. 

He was knocking on Death's Door. ha. wow that was funny.

The section began to fade and we rode through, the door reappearing the moment we passed. "Let's split up gang!" I suggested. "I'll take Daphne and Velma, Shaggy you take Scooby and go that way." 

As usual my humor was not appreciated. As usual... I didn't really care. But look on the bright side: We split up. Conquest kept moving forward while War and I each pealed off and went our own seperate ways. I was on the look out for things that would tell where Death was, or had been. You know... explosions, big slices across steel buildings, and well, obviously, dead people. 

I saw people, but they weren't dead. They looked far from it actually. The look they gave me when I grew closer was not a good one. "Oi!" shouted one of them "Is that another one o' them demons? They killed the boss! Let's get him!" 

Dammit. I hated killing people. Just people though. Because they weren't like actual demons. When I hit them, they didn't usually get back up. But hey, they started it... I was going to finish it. I pointed at the first one, whose flesh began to whither. I mean really wither... like a plant. He crumbled to the ground. I then licked my lips and whisteled out a piercing note. A black mass appeared a little ways off, gradually growing closer and closer. I backed up slowly, stalling for time. Finally the black mass, a large flock of vultures and other carrion feeders reached me. I gestured to the group in front of me and the scavengers flew at them.

Some they ate alive. Others they gave the mercy of a quick killing. Some they carried off to their little ones. 

I got back on my horse. Stupid humans. Didn't they know not to try and kill strangers? It's very rude. I reigned in my horse and closed my eyes. Brother I thought. Give me a signal...where are you? A large explosion flared up right on cue somewhere's to my left.

Message received. I'm bringing in back up

The End

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