"Looks like brother Death has gone all out." War said looking back at what had been Jerusalem which was now covering in a dark dome. War had calmed down since his initial outburst, but he was itching to drag his blade along flesh, and spill the blood of anyone who worked for these horseman," Conquest lets go back, maybe he needs assistance." Famine said what War was thinking.  Conquest took a look back, allowing himself to think.

"To be on the safe side we'll wait on the border of that dome. Death should be fine but if he is in trouble we better be there."  Conquest's steed turned around as he spoke.

"Alright! Lets go!" War said reeling his beast while turning it around, obviously a little over excited as he bolted off, towards Jerusalem not at all noticing as his bothers were soon surrounded by a army of demons, as he himself was followed from above.  Claws dug into his back pulling his sword away from him, War turned around angrily seeing a Harpy taking off sword in hand. With rage in his eyes at such disrespect he leapt from his stead, and punched outwards knocking the miserable creature from the sky. Catching his sword in mid air he turned around unsheathing it, and sliced down at the harpy, with satisfaction as it was utterly crushed from the strength of the blow.  More came but war quickly overpowered the flock of them, before noticing his brothers surrounded, by a large group of Demons.  He charged allowing his sword to follow behind him.

" Watch out! He cried swing the blade with all the strength he could muster. Conquest and Famine jumped just before the wave hit them. Many of the demons had been either killed or knocked over.

"War!" Famine tried to warn War as the fist of a flaming golem hit him from behind auguring him into the ground and setting out a plume of dust and debris. A few seconds passed as the dust settled, the golem was holding his into the ground. Just as the thought war had been seriously injured crossed the minds of the others the golem's arm exploded, and a manic laugh broke out. 

"Pathetic!" He yelled jumping out from the small cave created in the ground and cutting the Golem in half with ease, " Have we got everyone?" He asked Conquest who was standing still looking over to Jerusalem.

"Yeah, but something tells me where in for a bigger surprise."

"What do you mean?" Famine asked, now beside Conquest.

"It looks like this demon army was a decoy for the other Horseman to take care of Death!"

"Then what are we standing here for? We have to help him!" War yelled.

"Take a better look War, they have set up a barrier. We can't just roll on in. We have to destroy the sources of the Barrier first."

"That's easy!" War Growled, just give me a minute alright.

"What are you planning to do?!" Famine asked.

"Just keep your mouth shut!" War growled from the side of his mouth closing his eyes.

"Alright if you say so yourself oh grumpy one." Famine said in a bored tone.

"Man I think I like these new weapons they've come out with." War smiled opening his eyes.

"Conquest, where are the sources?"

"I don't know War there is well over a hundred them surrounding the place!" He said grumpily.

"Fine then, I guess that just means I use them all."

"Use what?" Famine asked. War didn't give him a reply as Missiles from all over filled the skies over Jerusalem.

"Enjoy the show boys." War grunted closing one of his eyes direction a few of the missiles to the sources he could actively see. The first set of Missiles hit the ground surprising even war of its destructive power, as shock waves were sent across the city, and huge fireballs filled the air around it.  After the volley of missiles he fell to his knees breathing hard with sweat pouring down his face. He had used up most of his energy controlling the weapon systems, and the missiles themselves. Conquest smiled.

"You should use your brain more brother, because when you do, the things you come up with are ingenious."  War smiled back.

" Yeah but that takes the fun out of the fight."  He got up, as the started heading towards Jerusalem Deaths dome of darkness suddenly started to fall apart, as if he had received major energy and he was losing his ability to keep it up. 

"We must make Haste! Lets go!" Conquest yelled.

The End

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