A troubling feelingMature

   We travele in silence to earth, but when we got there we were not prepared in th slightest for the evil there. The second we got the we were nearly shot down by humans and we had to land quickly. War wanted to simply strike them all down, but we were to leave most humans be, it was the horsemen who truly needed to die.

   Then a messenger came, and from who it was I could tell it wasn't good. Archangels aren't meant to be messengers, so obviously it was important if michael had come. I approached for him to speak.

  "One of those horseman they've," He was gasping for breath, "They've set out revolts in jerusalem, the-the whole place is becoming a headquarters for demons and monsters." All of us gasped except for me, because I couldn't even manage that.

  " Which one is it?" I asked taking a step forward, "I'll deal with this."

  " The female, Lust I think is what they call her." I nodded and Michael flew off as an explosion rocked the building next to us. I looked at my  brother and then got back on my horse about to head for the holy city.

  " Do you need one of us to accompany you?" Conquest asked and I shook my head as my horse shot off in the eastern direction towards Jerusalem. I would make sure that false horseman paid very dearly for this. As I neared the middle east I saw exactly what Michael had meant.

  They place was surrounded by giant black towers made of hardened blood that shot hellfire. I moved quickly and looked behind me to see harpies tailing me their large mouths open wide with sharpened teeth bearing down on me. I jumped off of my horse as it darted over the city and landed in a dark alley. I heard a hissing noise and moved out of the way as a group of chimera moved past me.

  Now my rage was at it's peak and I heard chuckling behind me. I turned to see a hideous beast with snakes wriggling around on it's head, I immediately shut my eyes and melted into a shadow to avoid being turned into stone. She chuckled and moved towards the patch of shadows I was hidden inside.

  " So what do you think of lust's handywork death?" The gorgon asked snakes hissing, "She's quite the spokesman for lucifer." I glared at her from my shadows and then moved towards her at break neck speed my scythe meeting her nails. Unfortunately I made the mistake of looking into her eyes, and I immediately felt my leg turning to stone.

  I heard cackling behind me and Lust appeared behind me and I was fighting on two fronts, while slowly turning to stone. Lust snarled and got her claws into stomach and I cried out slightly in pain. I was on the ground now body half made of stone.

  " Oh how the mighty have fallen eh death?" Lust cupped my chin as the stone began to reach my neck, "Oh well this will at  least make you easier to kill." Then I lost my temper, my divine powers went wild and my wings shot from my back and I plunged the entire city into a dome of darkness. I then retrieved my scythe and stabbed then destroyed the gorgon with a single swing and then pinned Lust to a wall, my scythe impaling her stomach.

The End

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