The Hunt BeginsMature

Conquest gazed in the direction the abominations went. "If they are going to Earth, Humanity is going to come to serious harm." Death turned and leaned on his scythe. "I agree Brother. We must pursue them. And we must do it with no lack of haste."

War grinned at this. "An oppourtunity to get even." Death and Conquest shared a worried look. But Famine beat them to saying what they were thinking. "Its not all about revenge. We must be cautious. Thread carefully we must, if we do not, we could suffer." Conquest nodded in agreement. War did not look to pleased. He turned violently at his Brother. "Sometimes revenge is what is needed Famine! I am War! I will bring revenge when I deem it is needed!"

Famine almost stumbled through the force of War's words. Death stepped forward. "War. We are Brethren. We are allies. Do not take your anger out on your Brother. He is right."

War looked taken back. Conquest stepped forward and spoke neutral words. "War, we will destroy these vermin. And you will get more then even. But for now, we will thread carefully and begin the hunt."

War looked satisfied. Famine looked relieved, and Death maintained his emotionless expression. "Forward we go?" Famine remarked.

The Four Horsemen climbed atop of there beasts and rode in the direction the imposters went. Conquest and Death were leading the chase, with Famine and War leading the read.

War let out a shout. "Are we heading to Earth?" Death twisted his head around so he could look War in the eyes. "We are going wherever the imposters travel. It does not matter if that is Earth or elsewhere." Conquest and Famine did not contribute further to the conversation and it ended abrubtly.

The Four Horsemen traveled in silence. Hunting the creatures of Lucifer. Continuing the beginning of the apocalypse....

The End

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