Regroup. Rethink. Recycle.Mature

War stalked off. I felt sorry for him, and knew he'd ate if he found out about it. I mean, getting shown up at his game. Harsh, but also... necessary. His rage and fury at the loss would push him to greater heights next time. That's what War was all about.

When he was lost to our sight the other 3 of us did a "group huddle" kinda thing. We sat in a triangle and began to discuss a plan. I had the first word.

"So what did we learn today class?" Death and Conquest just looked at me like I was stupid. I guess they are kinda right. Death cleared his throat and began take two. "What have we figured out about these guys that we can use against them?" Conquest spoke up "It seemed to me that they were... not good team players." Death nodded. "Yeah I noticed that too. It may be that we could play them against each other; cause chaos which, considering they are devil spawn shouldn't be all that hard." I had a thought. A real live thought! "Umm we should be careful that they don't do the same to us.  Just look at what happened to War after the first battle. I don;t mean to over estimate them, but some of them are smart and I think they will realize they can get under War's skin pretty easily. We need to talk to him and make sure that doesn't happen."

Silence. You see, the thing I  hate about uncomfortable silences is just how... uncomfortable they are. That and how quiet they are. This silence wasn't so bad though. Death and Conquest seemed almost... dare I say it... impressed? "Very good Famine." Death said and continued "We need to be on our guard. They will be cunning, they will be ruthless. I think, brothers, we made the mistake of underestimating our foes." Conquest and I nodded. "We must not make that same mistake again. We must prepare, and act on our knowledge and experience." Conquest took over "For now I think we should wait and regroup with War. Then we can rethink our strategy for dealing with these beasts. All agreed?" Death and I nodded.

As we stood to go home I put in my own pep talk "Well gentlemen the stakes are high. The plan however is simple. Regroup. Rethink. Recycle. Now go out there and make me pr-"

"FAMINE SHUT UP!" Death and Conquest shouted. I sighed... maybe I should just quit my day job.

The End

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