I got up my body shaking and my own blood pouring to the ground, my teeth were clenched, as my hand clenched the hilt of my blade causing the metal to shake on the hilt making a light sound. My comrads looked at me.

"Your not going anywhere!" Conquest started.

"Oh like your going to stop me!" I roared sounding stronger then I was.  I looked around trying to see where the other two fake horseman had gone but it looked like they ran away like that cowardly bastard.

" None of us are going to let you tail him War. We'll meet them again." Death said, but this only increased my anger.

"The two of you interfere to much! Conquest I didn't need you to save me, and neither did I need your assistance Death! I had him!" I shouted still shaking on my feet, more blood gushed out, but the wounds were beginning to close already. War could never rest.

"Whats going on here?" Famine said appearing beside me.  None of them were confident in me, my skills.  Now especially since I had lost.  That had been my single worst fear losing, but I knew why I had lost! I underestimated that bastard a mistake I wouldn't make again.

"I'm leaving!" I snarled shouldering my blade this announcement shocked my brothers, but I was far to angry to allow them to watch over me like some badly behaved child!


"There's nothing here! They're all gone, and I have lost! and it seems that none of you respect my honour as a warrior!"

"Don't act foolishly!" Conquest yelled.

"Let him go, if he is going to act like a child." Death said calmly.

"Like a child?" I muttered is that how my brother thought of me? My fist clenched and I nearly turned on the three of them but instead I decided to continue walking in the opposite direction that Hopelessness had took. I will let him go this time, I will allow him to think he had the better of me. Then when he least expects it I will crush him, for if his powers were to manipulate my fears he had very little to toy with! Still I had to be careful if he had any other tricks. As for that matter how dare he call my weapon a fancy weapon? It was nothing more then a blade with or without the blade the strength I wielded had the same effect. The only thing that made my sword remotely special is it would not break as I used it to deliver a wider blow and cut when I attacked.  I kicked at the ground below my feet, I would show my brothers that I was not worthless and weak! 

"Calm down." I heard a voice from above, an angel who obviously had no business being near me.

"Go away! I need not your opinion, or anything else." I said fuming but all the while sheathing my blade.  I was very far away from the garden of Eden now so I had no worries of my brothers watching me.

"I am not here to give you anything but a message. The lord wants you to destroy these areas where Lucifer and his  horseman have influenced humanity. Do not leave a trace of civilization war." The angel said handing him a map. As his hands got closer , I grabbed the angels hands quickly revealing the true form of this apparition. The angel was truly a demon, in disguise something that I could tell without hesitation. 

"Does everyone honestly take me for an Idiot!" He yelled slicing the demon in half.

The End

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