A hopeless effortMature

                These horsemen thought they had the upper hand they were wrong. Dead wrong to be exact, as I collided with the ground I layed dead causing my pulse to appear to stop, war stopped cold and  picked me up by the neck. Right as he was about to drop me I made m move, my dagger pierced straight through his armor hitting dead center in the chest. He convulsed and moved back shocked as my other dagged shot straight through his stomach.

                 He looked angry, he was badly injured, possibly to where he might faint. He moved drawing his blade and swinging it wildly causing swords to crop up like towers out of the ground. I danced gracefully around them until I managed to grab on of the daggers out of his body, I would have slit his throat had Conquest not intervened.

                  He managed to get a clean shot at my arm with his bow. I cringed as it cracked the bone, I stopped in mid swing losing control of my dagger and it flew into a tree cracking the bark.

                   "What are you going to do now without a weapon?" War asked his voice weak but cocky. I smiled back at him and put my hand on my now crippled arm.

                    "Oh you'll see..." I said ominously, he got quiet, that's when the pentagram erupted beneath me releasing have a dozen well known Wraiths. Attila the Hun, Alexander The Great, Ghengis Khan, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Esau. They looked at me and I nodded, smiling as they made a mad dash towards War at superhuman speeds, They had him down in seconds and there was nothing Conquest could do since he couldn't get a good aim without killing his brother.

                     Then something I hadn't expected happened, War let out a blood curdling roar and the wraiths evaporated as he stood. His eyes grew red as his skin darkened and crunched as it hardened, He stared me blank in the face ad then the next second he was barreling towards me his fingernails turning into knives. Right as he should have connected I grabbed his shoulders flipping over him and then planted my hand on his head.

                     He then began screaming in agony as I funneled his worst nightmares into his mind, He immediately began to shrink back to normal until he was lying on the ground helplessly. I tore the other dagger out and whispered in his ear softly.

                      "You can't win War, it's hopeless." My voice was soothing as I moved the knive next to his neck, "Just go ahead and sleep, let Lucifer take care of the apocalypse, that's what will happen anyway." Right as the knife connected with his neck I felt a sharp  horrid pain in my back. I looked down and there was a pool of blood, with a scythe sticking out of my chest.

                      "I think not..." Death said as he tore the scythe out of my chest as Famine battled with Lust's pet. I convulsed blood spattering everywhere, I finally summoned my deep blue steed and kicked Death into a tree.

                       "We'll meet again horsemen," I muttered, "And then no fancy tricks or weapons will be able to save you." I flew off for where Lust had left to, hoping Wrath would follow behind soon. I hoped Lust knew how to mend wounds.

The End

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