The Things Lust Can DoMature

I stood within a deep shadow and watched as my fellow comrades fought against the four horsemen. I smriked and bathed within the feel that Lucifer had done something nobody anticipated. Humans believed that the original horsemen are a thing of evil, but they're nothing compared to what my comrades and I have in store for them.

Grimacing, I put my hand over my lower belly and glared at the tall one with the black hair. I peeled my teeth back in a silent snarl and conjured two pure silver three foot long blades. At the hilt of each blade were two runes that produced a slither of pure hellfire along the blades that form a sharp jagged knife-like jut at the end of each blade that would cut through anything from flesh to granite. 

I sliced the knives through the air and started toward the tall male. He paused from where he was about to advance on Hopelesness and watched me with a blank expression.

"You will pay." I hissed out through my clenched teeth. When he didn't react to my coment, I curled my lip and walked faster toward him.

I stopped before him and pressed my thumb into the runes at the hilts of my swords. Hellfire hissed out and slithered up the blade, engulfing it within it's heat. Without giving the swords a second glance, he charged at me with his scythe raised.

We slammed into eachother, his scythe sliced down. I brought my swords up and enclosed it within them and landed a solid kick in his gut.
He grunted and pulled away. He sidestepped right and sunk a punch into my belly. Immediatly, pain shot through me; causing me to gasp and stagger backwards.
Feeling my anger bubble inside of me, I let out a scream of rage and sprinted at him.  He danced out of my way and swung out his right arm, I ducked and slashed out with my knives. He quickly moved backward and  slammed the butt of his scythe into my knee.

My knee buckled, causing me to stumble and lose my balance. Realising that I was fighting a losing battle, I backed away from him and called out to Spike through our telepathic link.

In the distance I could hear the sounds of battle and the clang of weapons slamming together. I looked back at the male and smiled.
Next to me, a five foot tall, black furred beast with sharp serrated teeth stood snarling at the male. I leant down and touched the protection rune at the base of his neck and pointed at the male.

"Go get him Spike." I whispered into the hellhounds ear. I winked at the male and spun on my heel and sprinted away, leaving the sounds of a snarling hellhound and clashing weapons behind me.

The End

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