Feast or Famine?Mature

I went for the pale guy with red hair, if only to make sure I didn't have to fight the sexy one... what? It's not that I couldn't have handled her... honest... I just... don't like to hit girls... yeah thats it.

I pulled out my two short swords. Their blades made of bone and serrated with teeth. Yeah that's how I roll. We clashed and I could tell he knew my reason for attacking him. He knew I knew. I knew, he knew, I knew. He knew, I knew he kn- ok fine I'll stop. To make a long story short: He knew.

He smiled and it irritated me. "So" he said. "I see you have an... attraction for my partner." That also irritated me. I feinted right, ducked under his swipe and cut low left catching his leg. He grunted but his smile was still on his face. He kept talking "You don't get nearly enough women. I'm sure if you asked her nicely she'd say yes. Tell her Greed sent you." His grin turned into a smirk. I decided to wipe it off his face. I punched him in the gut, and then shoved my hand in his face and let a bolt of fire loose.

I love the smell of burned bad guy in the morning.

He took a step back and frowned, I think. It was hard to tell with all the... you know... failure on his face. He was debating whether to come back for another go. I helped him make up his mind by closing my eyes and making a buzzing sound. All the insects within a mile around heard me and came to my call. They were swarming around me, but I didn't care. They were my friends. My allies. My brothers. "Attack him" I commanded. They were happy to oblige. The one called Greed began to run away. I didn't blame him.

I looked around at my divine brothers. War was handling himself pretty well, we nodded at each other, then he turned back to face the one called Hopelessness. On the whole we were winning. Not a surprise. Why go with a cheap knock-off when you can have the real thing?

I wished that I had the chance to fight more often... it was feast or famine with these things...

Wow I'm funny.

The End

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