The first BlowMature


Anticipation ran through my veins, I was excited to see what these imposters were made of. I would have the first blow as Conquest said. Another Imposter horseman with silver hair appeared directly in front of me as I took my first step forwards.  I lifted my Kattana with Great sword qualities and rested facing toward the fourth arrival.

"Are presume you lead these four." I said calmly, feeling the most strength from this one." I will tell you to return to hell you came from, or your can all die by our hands. The choice is yours."

"Your threat is empty and Hopeless, We will not turn tail.  It is you who will die by our hands."  The imposter replied with a voice that looked down upon you, a voice that made you feel like there was no hope in your effort. Sadly it had no effect on me. I smiled,

"Alright then, I believe the time for talking is over, and the time for battle is Nigh." I said whipping my blade down causing the imposter horseman to slide backwards from the shear force behind my blade, the ground exploded underneath their feet they quickly responded and got to more stable terrain.  The battle had begun, and I hate to admit but I didn't want that silver haired Horseman saying no, that would just be terribly boring. I jumped forwards meeting the silver haired one daggers, sparks filled the air as we hit the ground. I smiled.

"I'm War, what do they call you?"

"They call me Hopelessness." He said with a monotone, while lashing out at me with his talons.

A blade peaked through the ground and blocked air and power blew outwards from us.  A wide smile covered my face, as I swung down forcing Hopelessness backwards. The ground exploded a second time, and when the debris and dust cleared, I saw that I drawn blood, However my opponent caught me mirror milliseconds before my attack caught me on the side. It was unusually painful than a normal wound, I didn't mind though I had been in far more excruciating pain. Hopelessness charged forward and jabbed at me multiple times with great succession. I dodged and blocked every single on of them until I grew bored, and summoned forth a mountain of blades from the ground. He jumped high into the air as one blade shot out at him. He swiped aside with ease but now I was behind him, I swung downwards at him, he partially blocked but he was still blown back into the ground another explosion erupted on the ground. With the little time I had won myself I looked around to see how the others were faring.

The End

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