United for the EndMature

Eden was not the same as when Conquest last stood on its soils. He surveyed the scene. War was already here, so was Famine and Death. The old gang stood tall together. Eden itself was not as he remembered. There was no beauty, it was no longer a paradise....

Conquest then seen the other two. Conquest bellowed to his Brethren. "What are these.... Imposters?" War was first to speak. "They are exactly as you say Conquest, imposters. It is difficult to say what they are exactly, but they are creations of Lucifers. To that I have no doubt."

Conquest looked more closely at the pair. They were majestically evil.  "Any ideas Death?" Death pondered upon his answer. "Perhaps they are the opposite of us. Here to stop our mission. Except they are two short...."

Just as Death said it, a third appeared. This one strolled out of a black mist. Haunched over, he was shrouded by his black cloak. He gripped a dark cane in his right hand. His face remained hidden and the mist receded.

Famine stepped forward. So that the Four true Horsemen of the Apocalypse were in line. The three others stood poised across the ruined field. Famine looked at his Brethren. "I could end them, shall I?" Conquest exchanged looks with Death and War. "No. War rides forward first. War strikes the first blow of the fight."

War let out a grin. He stepped forward. His great Sword in hand. Conquest removed an arrow from his quiver. Famine clenched his fists and a deep groaning sound could be heard from deep within Eden's core. Death held his scythe, its unearthly blue glow radiated his anger.

War took a second step forward. And then a forth imposter appeared.....

The End

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