Getting Ready For The FunMature


"Got a little cut there, have you?" I mocked Lust who stood to my right, one of her hands inspecting the wound that the other horseman had inflicted upon her. Her dark eyes flashed menacingly when I said that as her gaze met mine, murderous.

"Shut it. I could have gotten him," she spat.

"Of course. Besides, I would have enjoyed a longer fight." I sighed, flexing my fingers as I waited impatiently for a next move. The atmosphere was tense as each one of us waited for someone to attack but every one stood deadly still, expectant.

This is getting boring, I groaned internally and I could feel Lust twitch. She'd heard my thoughts and as usual never quite enjoyed them. I grinned to myself, sizing up the opponents who stood opposite us three.

Lucifer had warned us that God would have four, very strong horsemen of his own that would seek our deaths. They wanted us out of the way to fulfill their own apocalyptic plans by themselves. And that was the purpose of this 'friendly' meeting. They wanted a compromise and expected us to give them one. Boy are they in for it or what.

He'd also told us there would be four of them: War, Death, Famine and Conquest. One of them still weren't here and judging by the looks of it, I would assume the one missing to be Conquest.

I snapped out of my thoughts and met the eyes of one of the horseman watching me intensely. His piercing blue eyes were staring daggers into me, a hard expression written across his face. I flashed him a toothy grin and he averted his gaze away in disgust. Fine by me. We're meant to hate each other.

Will you stop smiling? I heard a feminine voice lash out in the corners of my mind. Of all of us that Lucifer has made, you have to be the most useless one.

You're telling me this? I retorted. I looked past her to check on Wrath who was quiet as usual, his hood shadowing his face from view. I could tell that he noticed me looking at him but he didn't say or do anything as he stood still, facing the direction of our enemies.

That was when I heard it, a thundering rumble that shook the very grounds of the Earth.

"What's happening?"

I didn't know how to answer the question. A huge lightning shaped bolt jolted down from the sky, almost like a blurry whir of white and black. Blinking, I took a step back and stared at the man in front of me. It was Conquest. And the rumors I'd heard of him were true. He looked bloody brilliant.

His armour was a mix of black and white, encasing his torso as he had a crossbow ready in hand. He gave a nod towards his fellow horsemen and turned to face us, standing beside them.

"So these are the troublemakers we have to deal with," he said in a perfectly, calm voice, like that of a leader's.

I watched him, another smile forming on my lips.

"You have no idea."

The End

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