A good old fashioned showdownMature

My seal had been broken. I felt... alive. I felt... powerful. I closed my eyes and tried to curb my thoughts. Thoughts like those were what caused Lucifer's downfall.

My eyes snapped opened, and I convulsed. Not out of pain of course, but because I felt the power coursing through the air, through my body, through the earth. It was unmistakable, I knew without a doubt: The fourth Seal had been broken. I closed my eyes and focused on Death, my brother, who had just been released. I could feel the bond between us, and it pulled to the west... it felt like it was coming from... Eden. The same location as the flaring of pain and fire that I had felt minutes before. Something was happening there. I had to move quickly.

I heard the patter of small feet nearby. I flicked away a leaf and found a rat. The rat began to scamper back to its hole, but I commanded it to stop. It had no choice but to obey. I crooked my finger and the rat came to me stopping an inch away from my outstretched hand. I touched its back and began to flow into it. I was now in control of its body. I ran down its hole into an elaborate tunnel system. I followed the pull in my head and once again found myself above ground. I made it in time to see a big red shape crash into the ground. Dust was scattered everywhere but in the midst of it all I heard Death say "You always did love your entrances, didn't you brother?"

War stood, a muscular man, covered in scars with a waist long black trench coat. His abdomen was hidden by a white cloth, and burnt black pants covered his legs. I crawled over to them and shimmered back into my human form. "Greetings brothers!" They looked at me and nodded in return. "What seems to the trouble?" Their eyes widened, and reflex took over. I ducked and spun feeling something swish over my head as I did. As I stood I held out my hand and shot a column of fire from it right into the chest of whoever had tried to kill me. As he flew back, I realized it wasn't a he... it was a woman. A rather good looking one too. She flew back and landed right next to her partner, a lean olive toned man  with brown hair. As the sexy lady stood up, another man walked in. He was covered with a cloak, and leaned on a jet-black cane.

"Brother" I asked. "What's going on?" Death sighed "Lucifer has created his own four horsemen. We are to meet them here." I looked at the three who stood opposite us and said "So is that what they are?" Death nodded. I sighed "I hope Conquest gets here soon... I hate long waits." I was impatient. I was restless. I was a little excited too.

I had always wanted to take part in a good old fashioned showdown. Looks like I was going to get my chance.

The End

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