War of the 8 horsemenMature

The apocalypse has begun, the four horsemen are being summoned. Unfortunately there is a dilemna Lucifer has created his own four horsemen of his own. The clock is ticking as these four horsemen run rampant on a world torn. The war of the 8 horsemen has begun.

I watched from my horse as the earth below heaven burned from the humans war. I am the pale rider, Death eldest of the horsemen. My time was to come very soon my brothers had gone to begin the apocalypse, I was still waiting for my seal to be broken. For a horsemen of death... I hated my job.

I hated seeing living beings die without a true, just cause. I was thinking over this when something caught my eye, 4 burning pentagrams erupting onto the earth. I stared in shock as they burned for a few minutes and then subsided, but they left huge scars in the earth where they'd appeared. I heard the running of an angels feet and I turned to see Michael, the archangel in full armor running towards me.

"They're breaking the seal you need to hurry, something's gone wrong," He yelled as he grinded to a halt, "Lucifer's up to something."

I nodded swiftly taking my horse and running towards the palace that sat upon a hill that had emeralds for grass. As I entered the throne room the lord's voice boomed and I came no closer.

"Lucifer has made a grave mistake..." He said, and his usually calm voice is now full of anger, "He has created his own four horsemen, you and your brothers must stop them."

"Yes my lord, do my brothers know of this?" I asked and he shook his head, "How shall we deal with this then?"

"I will send messengers to them, they will meet you at the ruins of eden," He spoke softly now, "But be warned, you will receive resistance."

I nodded softly and he looked pleased, he then turned to the lamb who nodded, and finally the seal was broken. I barreled towards the tiber river at speeds no human could imagine. I landed softly where the crumbled ruins of eden lay. 

Everyone human knows the story of eden, as it is their heritage. What they don't know is there is no way for them to ever find it no matter  how hard they tried. The lord hid eden from humanity because they couldn't be trusted whatsoever. Now all thy saw was a barren island, while angels and demons saw a broken place of former beauty.

Black roots hung from vile trees growing with fungi. The former flowers were now weed that choked away at every plant in the garden. Once crystal clear pools of water now had gray algae growing in them and had turned a disgusting green.

Then there was the apple tree itself. It was the worst off, the once beautiful topaz bark was now blacker than midnight. Then the apple itself still hung on the tree, once more beautiful than any ruby it was now a sickly yellow and writhing with bugs and maggots.

I  dismounted my horse and surveyed the area, nothing here yet. Just as I was thinking that I felt an evil presence behind me, watching me and calculating when to strike. I turned, not amused in the slightest.

"I know you're there, there's no use hiding." As I spoke I heard a sigh, then a tall man stepped out of a brush followed by a solid gold horse.

"Hhhhmmmm well you're better then I thought now aren't you horseman?" His green eyes were playful, but underneath I could see him calculating everything about me, "Oh well the risk is worth it."

I looked him over curiously, obviously this was one of those misfits Lucifer had created.  Just being around him made me feel angry, this abomination would die soon enough though. He looked me over silently as I weighed my options on how to deal with him, if I killed him now it would save me quite a bit of trouble in the long haul. As I gripped my scythe though another rustle caught my attention.

"Very well done Greed, You've brought him right into our hands." The voice was female, her footsteps drew closer, "Lucifer will be pleased that death has met his end."

The woman finally appeared, and she was beautiful, possibly the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, She had long raven black hair her body, her body was absolutely voluptuous. Her eyes though... they were nearly jet black and yearned for blood, every drop of it she could get. She  moved towards me seductively and I took a step back and suddenly she was in front of me.

There was a hideous sound of metal grinding against metal as my scythe and her nails met. She screeched as she flew back dazed but not really injured. She screeched and I dodged her nails as she took down a tree. 

"I'll have your head horseman!" She screamed as I danced away from her nails again. The other horseman merely watched with a smirk.  Finally I was beginning to wear down and I decided to end this quickly. I held up my hands and the shadows creeped around us and I could hear her screaming in  outrage.

"Why can't I see anything?!" She was screaming and cursing as I made my move and cut a deep gash in her stomach and she screamed in pain and suprise. The dome of shadows melted away and the smirk was gone from Greed's face, but he wasn't looking at us his eyes were focused on the sky.

I saw a red shape barreling towards us and I realized who it was at once: War. I realized what he was going to do and  dashed out of the way as his sword collided with the ground throwing dust into the air.

"You always did love your entrances," I said, chuckling softly as he arose, "Didn't you brother?"

The End

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