War inside my head

Random thoughts

Do you know what it's like to be at war with yourself, reader? 
The voices shouting making you blind?
A dull headache begins to form.
You just want it to stop. 

Sleep, that's what shuts it up. 
To sleep eternal, so they go away. 
To shut it up, the raging,
The voice as it begins to chant: 

"Die little girl, die"
"Cheer up my darling, it will get better"
"No it won't"
"But it will"
"What makes you so certain?
Sleep little girl, everlasting sleep." 

And so forth, 
But what if its just not that?
What if you've snapped at someone?
The guilt driving you mad, even if it was mundane. 

So my reader, ever been at war with yourself? 
I have, frequently. 
It hurts, my brain hurts. 
And to sleep is all I want. 

The End

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