War And Life: Similarities

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        One can find many metaphorical similarities between the two different subjects of war and life. Though, they may seem to appear as complete opposites, strangely you'd find that they are not quite so.

        I interpret life as an ongoing war. The first moment someone takes a breath in the world, their tiny body struggles and fights to retain it's fragile existence. Progressively, from that point forward, this person has to capture and obtain food to maintain their life. Though, in this current age that isn't necessarily required. At a social stand point, this person will indefinitely come across other individuals who do not agree with their beliefs and ethics, people whom wish to change this person's outlook. So the subject would then contemplate changing what they believe in. And more likely than not, either outcome will generate negatives inside of this person, or between the two. In life, this person will face challenges maintaining their lifestyle as well, including: working, cooking, cleaning, learning, and monitoring relationships and finances. Depending on where this person was born, they may have political issues on hand. Quite possibly, their government could be pushing forth several laws and statutes limiting this person's free will and civil rights. This of course would be cause for this person to protest.

        Further more, war is like life in ways of interaction. Armies and artilleries navigate battlefields much the same as people maneuver through wilderness, buildings, and cities. When war takes place, two or more armies confront each other in an attempt to resolve issues at hand. The outcome can be rather predictable apprehending the meaning of the words "army" and "war". Perhaps still, the commander of the army could withdraw their troops and prefer to not conflict. If they have ulterior motives in mind, they could also use other means to altercate, like using espionage.  In the situation of life, though, sometimes people will fight, but other times they will be passive, and move on and forget. Other times they may resolve the issue, and use other people to covertly hassle the other person. Thus said, war and life have many similarities, making it illogical to wholly characterize them as opposites. 

        A war strategy that would be as useful in life as in dispute, would be to calmly debate the matter. There is no such argument that could be used as an excuse to take someone’s life. Everything can be solved through an agreement, even if it means succumbing to other sacrifices. Just as in life, whatever situation you find yourself in, always be the leniant disputer. Understanding and considering the other person’s opinion can guide you into making a correct decision. It is better to save a friendship than it is to end one. 

The End

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