One day we will explore all hidden corners of the Earth. I will forever find delight in the way your eyes light up when we discover a cobblestone street we have not yet wandered. A hungry sea we have never sailed. We will bury treasures and memories in the quicksand of time and leave footprints on every inch of exotic soil we cover. You and I will read books in languages that are unfamiliar to our tongues and throw coins into fountains laden with the wishes of travellers before. Foreign artists will draw on our flesh in permanent ink and we will start collections of tickets and postcards and stamps. We will meet beautiful storytellers from all ends of the world and daily I will capture your happiness in the frame of a cheap camera. Pins will stick out of the space within outlines of all the sights we've seen. We'll make up names for alien flowers in breathtaking gardens and scale statues we are forbidden to climb. We will never stop searching for beauty in even the darkest corners of the globe. I cannot wait to lose myself in this planet with you.

The End

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