The Interest Pit

These are the weapons against writers block!
Share and let the world be rid of its detrimental grip!

Escape so sweet!

What a perfect treat

Out of conflict you fall

Right into the darkest pit

To face a wall 

So deliberate







And you face the wall of 

Uninterest unbreakable!

What happens next?

You struggle to know

Because quiescent plots 

They're a boring show

So you turn to the last resort

Break the wall!

With plastic chickens!

And giant green mittens!

And dinosaurs with magic pet kittens!

And flying saucers with Bruce Lee in command!

And a whole orangutang band!

Don't forget the short villain with a lisp!

And the two-year-old protagonist!

And the gentle little wisps of time

That fly in and out of your three-line rhyme

And the wall 


Nothing left but the decrepit rubble 

Of a blockade once invincible!

The End

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