Waking II

         Numbness, like a crawling critter began to run up and down your arms… and your heavy head upon soft pillows shift minutely to the sound of the alarm. Gosh, why that sound, why now? You swear it’d been only seconds since you wrapped your arms around those covers, but the taste in your mouth knows otherwise. There is nothing you wouldn’t give at that point for just five more minutes that could feel like five hours… and for about the length of two tosses left and right you struggle in your mind the likelihood of making it late to work and have everything work out just fine. Who would really care if you were just a few minutes late anyway? But then you realize your past record would be broken, however short it may have been. So… gosh, just two more minutes!! Maybe if you jogged a little from the street to your office you could easily make up the difference? Now if you could just have a few peaceful seconds… BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! They really shouldn’t name it a snooze button if it can’t be done with the press of the button.

The End

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