CHAPTER 2 The girls had gone missing, for three days. When the police found there were four bicycles laying by the Gatehouse road. The bikes were resting there beside the trees in the secluded area. The water’s edge ran into the backyard. The house

Waking up something people like me don't like . I have to  people helping me in the morning.

some people are early birds; I am not.   I yawns  when the next person yawns.  Even when they do not

. I am raring to go, three oclock in the afternoon, after not being able to sleep the night before.  And driving Richard, nuts,   because I want to clean the house late at  night.  Thus getting to bed rather late in the morning.  This I feel is natural for me.  

However I have staff, who are supposed to do this for me. As I am in a wheelchair. ot understand this occurring. He thinks, I should go to sleep.  But I am not tired.  Therefore I can not  sleep, so I stay up late.  Watching TV until the wee hours of the morning.  

Then complain when the staff comes in to wake me up.   Richard does not seem to understand this matter, I complain that they are not doing anything, yet Richard tells me that If I do their job. Who is getting paid for the work they are being paid for.

The End

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