What do yours say?

I know this will probably be ignored but.. well that's okay with me I guess.


Like a lot of people I know, I once thought I was the only one.
I would.. cry and scream and talk out loud because I wanted it to be quiet. I didn't want to hear the words it would say because I felt as though I was the only one - nobody else had this little voice inside of them.

But I was wrong, of course, and I grew to know this.
Robin has a voice, Bea has a voice.. there are others but.. Robin and Bea are the only nicknames which feel secure almost..

People have voices which make them suicidal, people have voices which make them cry, people have voices which hurt them. My friends have these voices.

So I wanted to open up a collab for anyone who wants to pour out their voices to another voice-filled person. 

The End

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