Visiting God

About the different ways death can be viewed, and the innocence of childhood...

It was a gloomy day, the sky overcast and foreboding. The harsh raindrops pelting anyone who dared challenge them, by venturing out in this weather. The large, rambling house was dark, its lights off and the chimneys bare. If one listened closely enough, however, the cries of mourning ladies could be heard from inside.

"Oh, why, why did you leave us this way, now we are all alone in this world", sobbed a fair maiden with long, dark hair. She was bending over two people, who could be sleeping, but were, in reality, dead. They were a couple, and the slight smiles on their faces seemed to tell the world that they were together in death, as they were in life. "Who will take care of darling Alisha, she is an orphan now. Oh, please come back to us, come back." The woman was in hysterics, as she lamented the loss of her sister and her husband. The others standing beside hushed her, trying to pacify her and stop her cries; it was futile.

In a inner room, two children, a boy and a girl, played with their cars, unmindful of the happenings in the rest of the house. The boy was around 4, while the girl, with long eyelashes and brunette curls, was 3.

"I want that truck! Give it to me!" cried the girl as she snatched a red firetruck from his hands.
"Alisha, I want it. You ask your Dada to buy you one, don't take mine", said the boy crossly. "But my Dada is not here right now, so he can't buy me a truck. So you have to be a good boy and give yours to me" she replied, with a cute pout.
"Where is your Dada, anyway?"
"Oh, he's gone off with Ma to visit God.", she said seriously.
"Really? God let your parents visit Him?"
"Yes, but aunty does not like it that Dada and Ma have gone leaving her, you see, that is why she's crying so much. She should learn from me, they have left me too, but I am being a good girl and not making any fuss." Alisha said with triumphant grin.

The boy said, "Your parents really are lucky, you know."
"Oh yes", came the reply, Alisha's face brightening." They are really lucky, to be visiting God even when the rest of us are not invited."

The End

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