The Not-so-NightmareMature

The space around me was black, black everywhere. I knew this wasn’t a normal type of dream; normally there would be the sea, or the beach, the cold, salty-spray blowing in my face, what I loved so much.

Or the boat.

And there I was. The crash of the waves against the bow, the smell of salt was truly vivid; all my dreams were that way. But I couldn’t see the pirate. Nowhere. I checked over the rails, nothing. No spluttering or bubbles to show his last breath. I gulped unexpectantly; this wasn’t unravelling as the latest nightmare usually did.

And then I saw them.

Rhea, my girlfriend. The word tasted sour in my mouth now. I knew I didn’t want that any more. I felt to evil to deserve a girlfriend, after what I had done. And I was paranoid. I recognised that now. I was afraid that if I spoke to her she would figure out that something was wrong and then nag me to confess to her. I knew I’d have to end that, later.

But there were others, people I didn’t recognise. A big man, he had a burly figure with cool earthy eyes, but they looked straight into mine, like they were trying to cut through my soul.

A tall, wiry looking kid, when I looked closely at his eyes, they looked slightly fuzzy, then it hit me, he was blind. And he had some sort of bird on his shoulder. Why was I seeing these people?

A bewitching girl, blonde, blue eyes, she looked so breathtaking, but it felt so, unnatural? I focused hard on getting my eyes off of her, that was a…weird feeling I got.

And then I saw her. That girl I bumped into two nights ago. Her long, rich hair flowed gracefully. Strange, seeing as there wasn’t any wind. And her eyes were staring straight into mine. Everybody’s were, why was that? And then all of a sudden their names just came to me, and a feeling like I’d known them all my life. It made no sense.

You can’t run from your destiny Jarod. Where did that voice come from?! Who said that?!

“Mr. Gaelum?” I looked around to see where that had come from, but it hadn’t come from any of them. It didn’t sound like any of their voices. Funny that, that I only had met two of these five people before and I knew already how they all sounded like. Weird. Really weird.

“Mr. Gaellum!” My Nautical Physics professor shouted. I jerked unexpectedly, finding myself back in the room where I was meant to be studying. The dream was over. Professor Fieldburg tried to calm down now, realising that I was finally awake. I decided not to focus on everyone’s eyes staring at me, I was beginning to dislike that, a lot.

“Mr Gaelum? I’ve just got an e-mail from the guidance councillor saying your meeting with him is due in five minutes.” I heard a few students a couple of rows behind me snigger at the pronunciation of my surname. I turned around to give them the most threatening look I could muster up while raising my eyebrow at them, my expression saying: ‘do you really want to take me on?’ They shut up pretty quickly.

“Is it really necessary that I leave, sir?”

“Well, you’ve been asleep for God knows how long, I’m sure you won’t mind that much if you have to miss the rest of the session.” He replied, the tone of sarcasm strong in his voice. I nodded in return, and left the room without another word.

The minute I got out into the open air and started walking under the undercover walkways, I felt like I could relax the tension in my shoulders a bit. Big mistake.

BAM! I was on the floor before I could even see what had hit me, and lucky I had reached my hands out to the cushion the fall, otherwise I’d have had the wind knocked right out of me. It felt like I’d been hit by a brick wall!

I looked up, and I gasped, Ethrael! He was there, right there. The tower in my dreams, and he was cutting into my eyes just like he’d done in my head.

“What are you gawping at?” he asked me nonchalantly, he treated it as though what he’d done was perfectly acceptable. Well I’d show him.

“Who do you think you are?” I replied, getting up slowly and warily.

“Someone you don’t want to mess with.”

Before I could cut back with an intelligent insult, two girls came round the corner.

Now it was getting seriously weird.

There was Lucy, another of the five from my dream. I kept my head down, aware of the intense attraction she was radiating from herself, and it felt so…bizarre, too attractive. I looked up again, well, not that far up, to see Linnea. Again, it felt funny that I knew her name without even asking.

“Talk about de ja vu” I said. Linnea just stared back at me, she looked like she was about to say something, but Lucy cut her to it.

“Three times in two days I see you, do I have a stalker on my hands?” She directed at Ethrael in a suggestive tone.

“I don’t talk to sluts.” He replied. In my head, my mouth dropped open.

“Hi there, my name’s Linnea.” She said, cutting the tension with her words. “I think it’s time we end the stand-offs and explain why we’re here.” Then she looked at me. “Ever since I met you and I’m assuming ever since Lucy met this guy it’s been hard getting our heads round why you two stand out so much. Is it because you have…abilities.”

That caused me to raise an eyebrow, and I had a feeling Ethrael was doing the same.

“Where are you trying to get at?” I heard Ethrael say. That surprised me, clearly the intrigue for once was actually there for him. He struck me as the kind of guy who didn’t care about much, ever.

“I have the ability to, with the simplicity of a touch, get anyone, anyone to fall utterly and uncontrollably  attracted to me. But when I tried it out and you, nothing.” The words spilled out of Lucy like she was dying to somehow piece the puzzle together just by explaining her problem out loud.

And what she had said had actually, for some reason, not surprised me at all. Perhaps a few years ago if this girl had told me the same thing I would have just laughed out loud. But I had the ability to mist, so in my book, she was far from crazy.

“And I have the ability to process information and move at hypersonic speed, usually when I look at a person I can tell almost everything about them just by looking at you. But with you, even now all I know is your name, that’s it. So give it up. What are your secrets? And from the lack of confused reactions on your faces right now, I know you two aren’t as different from us as maybe we thought.

“My name is Ethrael, and for some reason or another, I have a strength so great that, even a train can’t knock me over.” He looked at Linnea with true interest in his eyes now, he had just come into contact with the first person who might have the intelligence to work out what was happening to him.

I on the other hand was wiser, for all I knew, this could be one twisted trap. But I wanted to get out of there faster than humanely possible.

So I misted.

The End

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