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Thoughts of Jarod No-Last-Name kept me awake all night, so by morning I was ridiculously worked up.

Over a guy.

A random, asshole of a guy.

This would require a BFF Talk.

I checked my clothes, hair and make-up before grasping my keys and heading out the door. Everything was perfect, of course; my dress was crease free, my make-up wasn't smudged and not a single hair was out of place yet none of it mattered because my best friend was practically sex personified.

And I couldn't love her more.

Within five minutes I was knocking on her door. Yes, I'd gone a teensy bit faster than an average person but still hardly lightning speed. Really, I couldn't understand why people complained so much: it wasn't like I went at my full potential speed, so, in all actuality, they should be grateful for my consideration.

All thoughts vanished when I caught sight of Lucy's face. I'd seen her less than perfect before but I'd never seen her almost haggard. In fact, she looked like she'd had about as much sleep as me. No one else would notice her tired eyes but my analytical brain picked up on it straight away.

"Jeez, Luce, what happened?" I demanded, grabbing her hand once I'd stepped inside her flat. I pulled her to the lounge and sat us both on the sofa.

I met Lucy Knight during the first term of Uni. We were in a bar, both of us loving to flirt, when I saw her touch a guy's hand and he was all over her. Not so weird in itself, sure, especially considering how gorgeous she was, except I'd seen him flirt only with guys all night; the last one two seconds before Lucy touched him.

I'd watched her with curiosity as she repeated the process with two other men and a woman. One touch and they were lost.

Eventually (being me), I approached her, dying to understand what it was she did. I'll admit she wasn't very welcoming; being distrustful and insulting, which clashed with my persistant, talkative nature but once I'd admitted to having weird abilities, her own curiosity won out. She'd demanded proof of my speed. Five seconds late, I returned with a couple of stolen drinks from behind the bar. She'd blinked and finally told me about discovering her gift. I'd asked why she'd used it on all types of people and she said 'because she could'.

What can I say? Being 'special'... Well, that creates a bond. We'd been best friends ever since.

In over a year, I'd never seen Lucy this mad. It kinda scared me.

"What happened?" I asked, again.

"Nothing!" Lucy ground out.

I frowned, "Come on, Luce, you know you can't hide anything fro-"

"No, I'm serious, Linn, I touched a boy's hand and nothing happened. He resisted my power and walked away. Scowling."

My eyes widened with shock. Lucy's power never failed. Never. Gender, sexual preferences... They didn't matter. One touch and they forgot all but their desire for her.

"Was he... Do you think he was like me?" I queried, gently. Once I'd asked Luce to work her power on me to see what it felt like. I hadn't been immune, exactly, more resistant. My constant analysis struggled with the irrational attraction but if she hadn't stopped, then I would probably have caved.

"No," Luce said, slowly, "No, he didn't seem affected at all."

I frowned. "Start from the beginning," I ordered. She told me everything that'd happened yesterday. I tried not to interrupt but one part begged query.

"He fell on some rocks and was fine?!"

"Do you think I'd make this up?" Luce fired back, belligerantly.

"No, no," I said, hastily, holding my hands up as a gesture of peace, "I mean I can move so fast that I turn invisible to the human eye and you can make people lust after you with a single touch. It's just... Invincibility? That is a wicked cool talent but... Creepy. Can he die? To what extent is he invulnerable?" I groaned. Not another guy who triggers more questions than I have answers! Well, damn, there was nothing else for it.

"Oh, no," Luce exclaimed, reading my steely expression, "No, no, no, no, no, we are not looking for him."

"Fine, we won't," I agreed. She relaxed until I added, "Today. Today we're going to look for my mystery man."

Luce raised a brow until I explained my own encounter to her.

"Weird, isn't it? That we both meet weird guys on the same day. Do you think it's coincidence?" she looked to me for answers.

I stood, dragging her with me, "Nope. But I'd like to be sure."

The End

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