Lucy: Damn that boyMature

I stormed out of the corridor and went to the main road. There were still plenty of other guys driving around campus who wouldn't pull away from me and my power. I stood and stretched out my long, lean body, showing off my figure, and sure enough, a minute later, a guy pulled up alongside the curb and rolled down his window. I leant forward into the car and stroked my hand along his arm.
"Fancy giving me a lift to the beach?"
"Well, I was headed to the main town but sure. What's in it for me?"
Rather than answer, I simply licked my lips, bit down on the bottom one gently and walked around to the other side of the car. He let me in, and as he did, I reached across to his lap and felt his desire for what it was. He put his foot on the accelerator and I gave a squeeze, though careful not to make him lose control. His eyes widened slightly but he kept them on the road at least.
Why couldn't that guy have reacted to me just as easily as this one? He was hot!
By the time we got down to the seafront he wanted a quickie as badly as the teacher had, but I wasn't interested, so left him wanting.
There are a number of privately owned boutiques along the seafront and it was a small one called "Flying High" that I went; they have some deliciously sexy little numbers. I went in and found a few bits, trying them on. I bought a lacy black and red minidress in the end, with a zip up the front of it, crotch to breasts. It didn't cover much skin, but it didn't need to. I changed into it on the beach, while all the guys (and some girls) tried to inconspicuously peek, after buying it, and wandered along the sand to the cliffs closer to the nightclub, heels in hand.
Climbing on the rock face, I could see someone barely hanging on, then he slipped. I let out a bit of a scream, and ran to check on him, layed across the edge of two rock pools at an odd angle. He's breathing, and there was no visible blood, but that just made no sense. As I stepped closer, he moaned and rolled his head towads me, opening his eyes and looking up. And that's when I recognised the guy from the corridor. Dear God!
Why can't I get away from him! He's so infuriating! He was alive, breathing and seemingly conscious. That was good enough for me, so I stormed off, leaving him across the rocks and walking back up to the main road and the nightclub. I slipped on my heels at the road and walked straight into the nightclub, the bouncers barely glancing my way other than to leer. I went up to the bar, flashed a smile at some mug of a guy sat next to me with another girl and he got me a drink. The other girl didn't seem happy, but I was beyond caring. I threw back my drink, letting it wash down my throat before heading to the dancefloor. The music was cr*p but it had a beat so I got in between a couple and started grinding with them, letting the mix of sweat and drinks in the room increase my power, though not actively using it. I liked the girl better, so I turned fully towards her, grasped her hands and raised them as I danced solely with her. I leant in for a kiss and we made out while dancing, the guy clearly either too intruiged at his formerly straight girlfriend's behaviour or aroused at the show. It didn't matter to me though as I led the girl to a corner booth.

Several hours, and people, later, I left the club, having had far too much to drink, though the more intoxicating effect had been the people; three girls and four guys. None of them had shown the slightest disinterest towards me, or had broken through my hold, so how the hell had that other guy?
I walked back by the rock pools where I'd last seen him and sure enough, he was gone, no blood, no gore there where he'd fallen from a cliff face. It made no sense, but then, neither did his reaction to my power. I headed home, not bothering to pick up any of the stragglers on the streets who wanted as much a good time as the people in the nightclub had. I was too mad, too wound up to even notice most of them as I got back to my apartment.
If I see that damn boy again, I'm going to....

The End

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