Allie: FrenchiesMature

"Marc, Marc, there you are," I called out, barrelling towards him and jumping into his rapidly thrown open arms.
"Hey hon, you found me then," he said grinning broadly.
There were too many people in the hall to talk as everyone filed out onto the carpark assembly point. We followed the crowd, getting out and joining some other class mates at the side.
"Any idea what this fire alarm's about?" I asked, but Marcus just shook his head at me. Eventually we were given the all-clear and everyone dispersed, getting their belongings from the lecture theatres and heading off. The lousy explanation of "false alarm" certainly didn't appease the people who had other places to be. With a quick kiss goodbye, Marcus headed off to Scout's and I made my way to the library to collect the latest novels I had to study for my English degree. There was forever a pile of books on the kitchen table at Marc's and my place.
I started heading down the stairs, heading to that very place, when I stepped onto a plastic bottle someone had abandoned in the middle of the stairs. Over I went, dropping all of my books as my bag pulled me off kilter and I fell spread-eagled on the stairs. Blushing crimson, I quickly got up, ignoring my now aching head and ankle, and grabbed my books from around me.
"Nice frenchies," I heard someone say from behind me. I quickly felt the back of my trousers, and sure enough, they had torn. My blush deepened as I pulled my cardigan from my bag and tied it round my waist quickly. I walked away, feeling hotter and hotter, or at least the air around me seemed to get hotter. I resisted turning back towards the girls, almost certain without checking that they would be gossiping about my fall, though I couldn't hear anything.
When I made it back home, I was simply relieved to be away from where anyone could see me. Marcus had gone to Scout's and so for now, I just stripped out of the torn trousers and shirt, dug out a pair of sweats and a vest top and headed out for a jog before gymnastics. When Marcus had gotten in last night he had crashed on the couch, so that was where I left him, until I tried to get him up on time for his lecture this morning; there was no way anything short of a foghorn would have woken him. Before heading out the door, I folded the blanket I had draped over him and grabbed my keys, then left and made my way towards the sports centre, where I ran into Eoin, looking just a little worse for wear and tired.
"What's up? Bad night sleep?" I asked him, as I headed towards the hall in back where I did gymnastics.
"No, I had most of my stuff stolen by Dave's latest conquest and I walked out."
"Aw, no, have you reported it?"
"You think Dave has any idea at all what the girl's name was?" replied Eoin, almost incredulously.
"Well, you know, if you want somewhere to crash, you're welcome at our's. I'm sure Marc wouldn't mind," I offered, unable to imagine what it would be like to have that happen.

The End

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