Caleb: 'Bright new day'Mature

Sighing I moved the covers off me reaching out to check how close I was from falling off the bed. Swinging my legs round I sat on the corner of my bed and put my head between my knees, hearing the soft flutter of wings I sat up to allow Pilot a place to land on my shoulder,

'Can’t sleep?'

“Ha! You don’t say?” I snapped back, out loud,

Pilot didn’t reply.

“Sorry, just one of those days,” I paused, “What time is it anyway?”

'About 6:30am.'

We sat in silence for a moment. I guess I should explain who ‘we’ are; I’m Caleb a blind old ‘sod’ and Pilot is my ‘guide’ animal, or bird, and we share a certain link which is why he is my guide animal instead of a dog or something.

I’ve been blind since birth so I guess you could say that I don’t really mind not having sight since I’ve never had it to miss it in the first place. Talk about a brain teaser.
So I carry through my days in blissful unawareness of what things look like, guess you could say I was bitter if you wanted to.

Pilot moved on my shoulder,

'Did you take the tablets that the doctors gave you to help you sleep?'

“Yeah I did but wasn’t much use this night.”

I got up and picked up my coat, pulling it on over my sleeping clothes (which consisted of a short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jogging bottoms).

'Your shoes are next to your desk, two steps to the right.'

Pilot told me flapping off my shoulder and landing somewhere to my left, most likely on the bedpost. I knelt down on the floor and reached my hand out in front of me, feeling for my shoes; sitting back I slipped the shoes on and got back up reaching out to test where I was. Bed, desk, bin, window.

I moved to the front door and felt for my glasses, keys and phone which all sat on a table next to the door. Glasses on and phone safely tucked in my pocket I reached out and opened the door, letting Pilot out first, turning back and locking it before walking along the path.

After months of being in the same surroundings I had pretty much created a clear map in my mind, lamp post to the left, loose paving slab just outside the door and so on but of course I could never count for the people walking around. Normally at this time there was no one walking around but no such luck as I accidently bumped into someone, trying to keep my balance while they yelled in surprise.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going.” The person said, a girl by the sounds of it. A normal reaction.

I turned in the general direction of the voice and muttered,

“Sorry.” Although I couldn’t help but smirk inwardly at the irony of what she said. It was around about this time that most people noticed that I couldn’t actually see and she didn’t disappoint.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise,” She gushed. I gave her a sickly sweet (if not sarcastic) smile saying,

“S’okay.” It was people like this that made me want to bang my head against a tree as I tried not to let my irritation show.

“D-Do you want me to help guide you somewhere?” She offered nervously. She really didn’t want to and it added insult to injury to say the least. Trying not to let my irritation become apparent upon my face, instead giving her a cool look,

“No it’s fine; I’ve got a guide animal.” And right of queue Pilot landed on my shoulder letting out a ‘caw’. With that I turned and walked away saying in my head, ‘took your time didn’t you Pilot.’

‘Sorry, was stretching my wings. I hate being cooped up so long. So who was she anyway?’ Pilot asked, I heard him turn back to look at the girl who was most likely standing there feeling awkward as hell.

Holly Blake, second year I think. I replied not really that interested.

‘Hmph, she looks like she’s met a ghost. I should go poop on her.’ Pilot said irritated, I chuckled to myself and shook my head.

‘I think you’d run out of poop if you did that to everyone we met who has the same reaction.’

‘You’d be surprised.’ Pilot replied, ruffling his feather in delight at making me feel better. ‘So what’s on the agenda today?’

Same old, same old,’ I replied ‘Classes.’

Pilot gave a soft caw before saying, ‘That professor isn’t going to chase me out with a broom again is she?’

‘You know that was a misunderstanding since she was new and didn’t know about the situation.’ I remarked.

‘Yeah, well, you weren’t the one being chased by a broom now were you?’

Pilot always managed to make me laugh and was the only one who didn’t tread on glass while he was around me. I could hear people heading up the path, laughing together,

‘7:30 am.’ Pilot said. I turned back around and headed back to my dorm, time to get ready for classes.



The End

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