Dangerous HabitsMature


"Alright, I'm done for tonight," I called out to Stacy, the night-shift receptionist. She glanced up to wave briefly before returning her gaze to the computer on the desk. Stacy was kind outwardly but on the inside she was so devoid of depth, of any great emotions. Shallow. It made being around her bearable but it still made me sad to know that there were people like that out there. I smiled, ruefully, shaking my head and made my way outside; the harsh wind biting my skin.

I made my way to the house we - my room mate and I - rented. Upon entering my room, I stared longingly at my bed, however, with a sigh, I grabbed my textbooks and carried them to the kitchen so I could make some coffee.

I was going to need it.

Three cups of coffee and four thousand words later, my roomie stumbled in with yet another giggling girl on his arm: their lust slamming into me. I had never seen him come home with the same girl for more than two nights. I said nothing as they struggled up the stairs and shut the door to David's room.

I sighed. Dave was a decent enough friend but his habits didn't settle too well on me. He was stuck in them and it was going to cost him while dragging me down with him as he came running to me to pick up the pieces.


Why do we tempt fate with such callous words or thoughts?

I stared around me in dismay. All the money, keys... Anything of value that had lain about the house was gone.

I sent up a silent thank-you for having put a lock on my door. I still had my mobile and wallet but I'd left my laptop - with my essays on - in the kitchen.

I went up to Dave's room, striding in.

"Woah, dude, a little privacy if you don't mind," Dave double checked that his sheets covered his body.

"Unless hell has frozen over, I don't suppose you got the name of your 'date' last night?" I crossed my arms and leant on the wall by the door.

"Listen, Eoin, I know you don't approve but back off alright? It's just harmless fun," Dave scowled.

"Harmless, huh? Where's your phone, dude? Your laptop? Your wallet? Your 'harmless fun' has stolen our belongings," I snapped, losing my temper. It didn't happen often but when it did, man did I fly off the wall.

David shot up and glanced around. He swore, loudly.

"Oh, geez, I'm sorry, dude, I'll call the police and-"

"Forget it, Dave, I'm outta here," I strode out of the room. I made my way to my own and began packing my things.

"Eoin," David said, uncertainly from my doorway, "I'm sorry, OK?"

"Whatever, Dave," I shot him a thunderous glare, "This isn't the first time you've cost me. How much money have I yet to be paid back? For the rent, your new phone, your debts... It's too much. I don't expect you to ever pay me back but I'm not going to stay here and mother you any more."

An hour later I had left the house, with a meager amount of money in my pocket, little more than the clothes on my back and nowhere to go.

The End

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