Scout: ArcherMature

Taking a deep breath in, I opened my eyes and focused intently on the mark in front of me. See the thing is that when you are concentrating so much you don’t notice hell around you, for example I didn’t notice the out of breath and slightly torn girl that came bursting through the bushes to the right of the range and ran straight into my line of sight just as I released the arrow, luckily I managed to tilt the bow slightly at the last second so that it missed the girl by an inch instead of shooting her in the bloody head! If it had been anyone else she’d be lying stone dead right now. Guess you could call it a ‘gift’.

“What the hell are you doing?! Get off the range NOW!” I shouted, or rather yelled. Saying I was angry was a bit of an understatement. I put the bow down and noticed it was Emma.

A while back some people in the archery started a bet as to whether I could hit this apple high in a tree and, well, I wasn’t doing anything else so I happily obliged. I managed to hit the apple but when it fell I heard someone yelp I surprise so I went to see who it was and thus found Emma hanging out in a cleverly concealed tree house- bird watching- after apologizing we started talking and became friends, I even tried teaching her archery.

“Emma? What the hell are you doing?” More shocked then angry.

“Oh my God I'm so sorry! I ruined your shot didn't I?” Emma said running over to me with a look of worry.

“Geez, seriously?” I laughed, “That’s just like you, being more concerned about ruining the shot rather than nearly being killed. You know if I didn’t have as good a reflexes as I do you’d be dead right now?” I laughed again and winked at her, I then walked down the range to collect my arrows. Emma followed me. 

I turned round to find Emma panting and her hair looking like a birds nest – no pun intended- she noticed me looking at her and put on one of her fake ‘I’m fine’ smiles that told you she was anything other than fine. I wasn’t fooled for a second.

“Come on, you look like you could do with a drink.” I jogged back down the range and gathered all my equipment while Emma followed slightly slower. After locking the gate to the range we turned and headed down the road, luckily I had managed to arrange getting a dorm near to the shooting range and the sports field. I opened the door and dumped my stuff to the side, moving a couple of half fletched arrows and a couple of bows.

“Sorry about the mess. But you know me,” I said smiling; Emma laughed and went into the kitchen to get a drink. She then came into the main area of my room and found a space to sit down. The room I was in at the moment was quite small with a kitchen, a tiny bedroom, a small main area and a closet of a bathroom and I still had to pay an arm and a leg to get it but I didn’t mind.

I walked over to the window and noticed that the flowers I had placed of the shelf had started to wilt. I so did not have a green thumb. Sighing I picked the vase up and walked to the kitchen, intending to throw them away but Emma stopped me, she touched the flowers gently with such a tender look in her eyes. The flowers instantly perked back up and looked as if they were brand new.

“I keep forgetting you had that skill.” I said, more to myself then Emma. I looked back up and saw that Emma was crying. I put the vase down and stood there awkwardly,

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong? I know I’m awful at keeping plants alive but it’s nothing to cry about.” I joked; Emma gave me a weak smile,

“Come on tell me what’s up?” So there we were for the next few minutes as she told me something that sounded like it was part of one of these fantasy stories. It sounded so terrifying and elaborate that I didn’t want to believe her but the tears in her eyes told me otherwise, Emma wasn’t the type to lie like that.

I stood there in shock for a second, staring at this girl and realising so much more about her. I hugged her.

“I’m sorry about your home.” I said, not sure what else to say, “You can stay here until the university arranges new accommodations if you want?”

 “Thanks Scout.” Emma said giving me a sad smile,

“Plus there’s plenty here for you to protect yourself with,” I joked, I considered telling her about the gun chest I had hidden in the room that I kept in a safe under lock and key but it wasn’t like she could use them since I was the only one with a license.

Emma laughed and gave me a genuine smile. Then someone knocked at the door, Emma jumped and I motioned for her to hide and be quiet. I then picked up a stray arrow, griping it tightly in my hand; hiding it behind my back I opened the front door to find Marcus on the other side with a ridiculously huge grin on his face,

“Hey there short-stack,” He tried not to laugh as I mocked punched him,

“Again I’m not that short,” I replied, trying not to laugh. Marc walked into my room and turned round with a smirk on his face.

“I swear to god if you make another joke about my living conditions I’m going to stab you with this arrow,” I joked raising the arrow,

“Ok, ok I give.” He laughed plonking himself down on one of the chairs not caring that he sat on a couple of feathers.

Emma coughed and stood awkwardly in the doorway,

“Oh yeah,” Marcus turned round and gave me a questioning look, “Feather-butt meet Emma, Emma meet feather-butt aka my friend Marcus.” Marcus gave me a look of mock hurt.


The End

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