Marcus: AlarmMature

My throat burned as I ran for the lecture; I was late, again. Stuffing the last of the toast in my mouth I thought about how I could sneak into the lecture unnoticed. My phone buzzed in my pocket. Taking it out I scanned the message from Jake.

Where r u? It’s startin.

Quickly typing my reply I kept running.Save a seat 4 me.

Running at full pelt across the courtyard past several surprised people, weaving between the mass of bodies, bins and bikes; my legs seemed to be on fire. Allie would never have this problem, not only was she a fantastic runner but she was much more organised than me. Finally stumbling to the lecture room door I waited a minute to catch my breath.

                Opening the door a fraction to slip inside I saw an empty seat by Jake. Quickly sliding into it I opened my books and glanced up at the power point displayed above the lecturer. I started scribbling down notes into my book listening to the scratching of my pen on paper and the bored drone of the lecturer.       

“Where’ve you been?” Jake whispered nudging my side with his elbow.

“Passed out on my couch.” I replied while scribbling furiously in my book

“Again? I thought you were going to get an alarm clock.”

“I did.”


“Didn’t work.” I whispered back.  Jake groaned. Looking up at the clock I could see that there was still an hour and a half left of lectures before I could go home again.

                We lived in a flat on the edge of the campus which both me an Allie had rented, together. It was nice, two bedrooms with a kitchen and a lounge. It was just me and Allie in there though my childhood friend Scout often visited.

                The lecturers gaze swept over me then and caught me daydreaming, “Marcus, am I boring you, would you prefer to do the lecture yourself?”  There were some snickers from the audience.

“No sir, you’re doing a great job.” I leaned back in my chair and let a grin appear on my face to reinforce the sarcasm in my voice

“Marcus...” He was suddenly cut off by the fire alarm shrieking its way through the university.

                I glanced over at Jake confused while starting to stand up, “Wha’... is it a practice?” I asked. As if he would know.

“Why are you asking me? Probably though nobody would set fire to a university; there’s no point. Would they?” He shrugged his narrow shoulders.

Walking through the fire exit I was met with a sea of bodies I which no one seemed to know where they were going. Some were wandering towards the evac points; some were standing in small groups chatting till staff broke them up. Once I had managed to force my way a little further from the buildings I looked back over my shoulder. Nothing. Not that I could see anyway. Turning back to the crowd I started searching for faces that I recognised.

                Suddenly I could hear a voice shouting above all the other chattering voices, “Marc, Marc, there you are.” Turning my head to see where the voice was coming from I instinctively opened my arms to catch Allie as she bounded into me.

                “Hey Hon, you found me then.” I smiled, unable to stop me happiness from showing every time I saw her.

The End

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