Rhea: Bad DayMature

I was angry. Scratch that. I was fuming. I threw my bag across the room as I entered, uncaring where it landed. Mr. Dawson, my History teacher had let me out late and I had missed the ride to the party in town with my room mate, Holly. Apparently my attitude towards his lectures was poor. Well so was everyone else's only he couldn't see that, stupid man. 

I was gifted, if you could call it that, with a power to see what other people were feeling, only it gets damn annoying when you're constantly bombarded with different colours as people's moods changed. 

I laid on my bed, quickly working my way through my work, in the hope that I would finish in time to walk to the club and have a good night out. Sometimes I wished I was one of those people that was quite happy to leave their work until the last minute instead of doing it the night I got it, but not me, I was sort of OCD about it. If I had work to do, I did it, nothing else happened before I completed it, including spending time with Jarod.  

I was deep in my own thoughts when the door was slammed shut and I was up in a flash, as the blue hue of anguish filled my vision. Holly ran past me to her side of the room, collapsing, sobbing on the bed. I moved carefully over to her. 

"Holly, hun what's wrong" I asked tentatively sitting next to her on the bed. 
"He's cheating on me" She sobbed and I cringed. Yay, relationship problems, in other words a week of being bombarded with blue and black colours.

"With who, John wouldn't cheat on you" I asked as she sat up, wiping her eyes.
"That skank, Lillian, he was kissing her outside the club" Holly replied and I felt anger cloud my mind. The girl annoyed me greatly. She had no fashion sense, was a  prude and got on my nerves in History lectures, being the perfect little goody two shoes. 
"What a cow, I'll have a little word with her for you OK" I said angrily.
"Be careful" Holly replied before curling up on her bed. I left her there and went back to mine. My History lecture would be fun in the morning.

I was the first one to History that morning, and stood determinately outside, leaning against the wall, waiting for her to arrive.  I spotted her coming down the hallway about five minutes later. She was happy, the yellow tone bombarding my head instantly annoying me. 

"Have fun last night, whore" I called as she came towards the door to the lecture room and she stopped, fear and confusion replacing the happiness in a flash.
"I don't know what you mean" She replied and I smirked.
"Of course you don't, then the name John Daniel wouldn't mean anything to you" I asked, following her into the lecture room. She was really frightened now.
"Maybe" She replied, stuttering on her words and turning to face me. 
"Because, you see Lillian, John is my best friend's boyfriend and I don't appreciate seeing her upset" I snarled and she backed up.
"I'm sorry" She replied shaking slightly and I smiled.
"Good" I replied and turned away.
"At least I have someone who cares about me, when was the last time Jarod spoke to you huh, or haven't you put out again" She said scathingly and I turned.
The smugness radiated off her and I snapped. Leaping forward I threw a hard punch, hitting her square in the jaw and winced as I heard a crack. I pulled back to see her jaw was hanging, out of place, but it was what she did next that shocked me.

I watched as her jaw moved itself back into place, without Lillian even batting an eyelid.
"What the hell" I said quietly, backing off as I heard others enter the room. Lillian just smirked and flicked her hair over her shoulder, taking her seat at the front of the lecture hall.
The girl was untouchable, and I replayed what I had seen in my mind, she frightened me too. There was no way a normal human could have done that. No way at all.   

The End

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