Lucy: Lost My TouchMature

I turned on the tears, drawing from the seductive power held in the water which was filling my eyes and beginning to overflow. Reaching forward, I touched Mr Matthew’s hand with a slight smile and glanced down at the desk which I had perched myself on the edge of. The familiar flow of power surged through me and my weak teacher’s hand shone momentarily as his body succumbed to the lust which his heart so dearly felt. I brushed his hand away from me as he reached towards me and focused on toning it down a little, I wanted him to ignore the lack of work – I didn’t want a ‘quicky’ on his desk.
                “There must be something you can do Sir…” I glanced down once again and bit my lip; dragging out the ‘o’ sound in ‘something’ to which he nodded and stammered something about finishing it another time; perhaps I would like to do it after hours? I hopped off his desk, whispered a perhaps and let go of his hand before taking my leave and wiping the power-ridden tears from my eyes with a smirk.

I had discovered this power of mine about ten years ago now. At nine years old I was barely exploring the concept of dating people but with all of my friends having had their first boyfriends (or so it seemed) I felt it was time to venture into the world of boy ‘cooties’ or whatever we called it back then. I claimed to be in love with a boy called Harry and had claimed this since two years previous; he was the ‘boy of my dreams’ and frankly, I could never imagine myself with anybody else. But he was the popular boy; I had no chance with him. I was the little blond girl who was a bit on the chubby side, had glasses and was on her way to getting braces so the day he asked me out was one which nobody ever saw coming.
It is a shame really that this power is so short lived. It lasted the entire time I was around him; it made him attracted to me and it made him want me – want to be with me. But it didn’t actually take effect until I touched his hand and focused on wanting to be with him. This was never my intention, I had not thought in the back of my mind "maybe if I touch his hand and think of being with him then he will fall in love with me", and even if I had I would have been wrong. It was and is purely physical attraction and is yet to be anything more. The moment I touched his hand he ‘fell’ for me, he asked me out and talked of first kisses and everything legitimately sexual for a nine-year old. But the next day he had no idea of the attachment he had felt towards me and so I tried again: I touched his hand and this time I really focused and that was when I saw it, that shimmer of blue-tinged green; like a mixture of my birthstone (bloodstone) and the colour of the Caribbean sea.
I had a bit of a fling with this boy. It was nothing to me really though; just a way to test out my powers. It was both Dylan and Harry who, together, brought me to the completely muddled result that I could only use my power one person at a time as I tried unsuccessfully to get them both to want me at once. I believe it ended with two completely angry boys glaring at a little blonde girl who was frowning at her hands in irritation - I imagine I somehow used my powers to get out of that as I do with everything else...
This was when the running started. I went from the little frizzy-haired chubby kid to the slender, well-defined and athletic young-lady with permanently straightened, short, controlled hair. This was mainly due to the issue of how plausible my look had been; the girl I used to be getting all the guys/girls? ‘Likely’. The girl I am now getting all the guys/girls? Very probable.

As I closed the classroom door I realised how restless I was feeling. It had been days since I’d grabbed the attention of somebody new and attractive around here. I spotted a tall, dark, muscular student heading my way and grinned. What a perfect victim.
I stepped out in front of him and smiled up towards his brown eyes, taking his hand in mine. His hand shimmered but before I could get any further in my advances he pulled his hand from me in annoyance and walked past without a second glance.

Never had I had that reaction before…What is he?

The End

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