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A new generation of the zodiacs personified have come into the world. As fate brings them together how will events unfold as they choose a side: good or evil?

'When the final zodiac breathes his last, a new generation is born.'

Taurus drew in a deep breath; soaking in the night air, staring up at the constellations that meant everything. He knew that time was short.

He was the last of the zodiacs: it was time to step aside for the new ones. He knew his spirit would have to remain in this world for just a little longer as he guided his successor once they came into their own; no matter what they may choose.

It made him sad to know that, despite friendships, they would eventually part ways. He had come to terms with it - eventually - but frustration pierced his heart knowing he could do nothing to change it.

Fate was a cruel thing.

He drew another deep breath. He sought the peace the end would bring after the stress of responsibility for the balance of the world. Having to overthink everything he said; even the most callous of words could have dire consequences.

It was very close now. He closed his eyes; I look forward to being reunited with my friends once more...

May I guide the next Taurus as well as I have been guided...

Please, let them be wise...

Please, let peace reign...

The final zodiac breathed his last.


And so it was, a new generation was born into the world.

The End

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