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ready to let splatter blood, and destroy, just join this collab.

Vice Lows

"All hands please report to battle stations! Intruder alert! This is not a drill!" A computerized alarm system shrieked as I swing the blood off my blade of my sword.  A smile spread wide across my face, the need to kill was pleasurable instinct. I am a ruthless killer, and I love it.

Down the hall the sound of boots clanging on the metal floor caught my attention, I licked my lips in anticipation and waited for the soldiers to  face me. I took my sword and stabbed it through the ground as the soldiers came around the corner holding their machine guns in their arms believing they had me. 

"Fire at will." The officer cowering behind the rest of the squad ordered.

I charged forwards as bullets flew by me, I could see them and easily manuever myself past them and if I messed up I still had some heavy armour to deflect the bullet.  Within a second I was in range to upper cut the first man in the squad, the impact of the punch crushed his jaw , and broke his neck. His comerades didn't have the time to react as I round house kicked them into the wall the impacts of their bodies left a brutal dent in the wall. Only the officer remained as he held his B 132 magnum to my face, his body shaking in fear.

"Come on shoot me! I dare ya!" I yelled tempting fate.

Sweat pour down his face his finger twitched pulling the trigger, with lightening speed I move to the side and disarmed him. Firing the full clip into his head before his body fell to the ground.  Blood began to pool on the ground at my feet the anticpation for the kill got began to drop their was no challenge in killing these small fry soldiers.  I walked backed the my blade lazily spinning dragging it out of the ground, and swinging it in the hall leaving deep gashes in the metallic walls.

"Intruder alert, Intruder alert!" The computer continued shrieking.

"Ahh Shut your mouth!" I yelled punching a computer console in thee wall before continueing my lazy walk through the halls of a destroyer classed cruiser.

Most people would call this a suicide mission to go against the the alliance by one self on a destroyer classed cruiser, for me this is supposed to be or a challenge. For the next few minutes I ran into a few straggling soldiers without issue, and I was begining to think I was gonna leave if someone who was strong wasn't going to present themselves to me. Then as I entered a large hangar room I ran into an elite sqaud of heavily amoured , cybernetically enhanced 'super soldiers' all carrying weapons of thier choice, a smile began to form on my face.

"You can surrender now, and keep your life." Said a taller operative with an orange coloured armour. I didn't respond as I readied my blade.

"Lower your weapon!" The shorter operative barked.

I only smiled as I awaited the challenge

The End

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