Why Gabriel's true vessel was Warren 'Skip' Muck.

It had always made sense why Dean was the vessel for heaven, for Michael. The angel’s had watched it happen, watched as Dean had always had faith in his father, even when he would leave them on their own for months.They watched him as he continued to tell Sam that it would be okay, that John would return soon and they could all be safe together.

And they watched Sam, too. Watched as he lost patience with his father, and eventually his brother, and ran away from home. As he completely betrayed them and lost contact with them. The angels saw exactly why Sam Winchester was Lucifer’s perfect vessel.

The archangel they never understood was one of the youngest, Gabriel. Gabriel had been a coward: he had run away from his family when they argued, and lived on the world his father created in ‘witness protection’. He adopted a new name, a new identity, and never revealed to anyone what he really was. He was the complete opposite to his one true vessel, Warren ‘Skip’ Muck.

Muck was brave, selfless, and gave his life trying to serve and protect his country, his home, and his friends. Where Gabriel would run away, Muck would fight endlessly to return to Easy Company, after he had landed in the wrong drop zone. Gabriel abandoned his brothers as they fought, where Skip would fight alongside his all the way through Carentan, Belgium and Bastogne. Skip Muck was a hero. Gabriel was a coward.

Gabriel wasn’t like all the other angels, his brother had taught him some ‘tricks’, that made him much more powerful than most of them. This meant he had ‘burnt out’ many humans in his almost-2000 years exile. He needed to wait until his true vessel was born, and ready to accept him.

Gabriel watched Skip as he grew up. He was there when he first met Faye Tanner; he watched them as they fell in love. He was there when the War was announced, and when Skip signed onto the Airbourne for the extra $50 he would earn if he was just a regular paratrooper. He saw Skip say goodbye to his friends and family, and to Faye, who he told he would return to and marry some day. Of course Gabriel knew, whatever happened, that there was a slim chance that they'd ever see each other again; whether it be because of death, or Gabriel stealing his body.

Even then, he knew that this surely wasn’t the man who was his perfect vessel. As he watched Skip kill enemies to protect his friends, he couldn’t see any way how they were similar. Skip, and every other paratrooper in the war, were all so much braver than Gabriel could ever be.

Eventually, Easy Company were in Bastogne, and Skip was among the many who had died there. Gabriel was able to take control of the vessel, and quickly ran away before he could feel any more guilt.

For 64 years, Gabriel stayed in this vessel. He used his ‘tricks’ for good, or so he thought, punishing people who ‘deserved it’. He tried to convince himself he was being a hero, like his vessel, but inside knew he was wrong. This was when he met the Winchester’s, the two boys who would change him: change everything. When they were responsible for the Apocolypse, he hated them. After 2000 years of hiding, and it was going to happen all over again; he’d had to watch his brothers kill eachother. Gabriel wanted nothing to do with them.

When they, and theirpretty angel boyfriend, figured out what he was, he told them everything: about how he couldn’t stand to watch his brother’s die. The brothers told him what inside he already knew: he was weak and a coward.

Dean later had talked to Gabriel. They were in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of Gods. And the person he loved, Kali. Gabriel once again wanted to run away, but then Dean had lectured him. He told him how he had to be the one to be brave, and help them. To be ahero.

It had all started to make sense. The reason why he and his vessel were made for each other. Gabriel had run away for so long, but it was finally time to stand up to his brother; to be selfless in order to save the lives of everyone else. To save Kali. For some reason, as he walked to the room where his brother was, he thought of Faye Tanner, and Skip. He would save Kali to make up for taking Skip away from his love.

And the angels were able to find Gabriel, and watched from heaven as Gabriel protected the others from Lucifer; as he died standing up to his enemy; as he sacrificed himself in order to save the lives of other people, and they were finally able to understand how brave Gabriel really was.

The End

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