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I mused on Crimson words, a night trip to the junkyard would be dangerous due to the fact that monsters and mutants feed from darkness. Despite of the danger I gave him a positive answer.

"If your cooling system is done and works perfectly it will help many people suffering from the stigma," I said. Cal nodded in agreement.

"So its settled," Crimson said, "I will suggest you guys keep close to me when we get to the junkyard, I only got one weapon to protect us. I will show you guys the pieces we need to find," he paused looking toward Cal, then he turned to me, "anyways, I am going to draw them." He took a piece of paper from a half torn drawer and a stylus, he dipped it in the inkwell which was a mixture of grease, residue of oil, and blood. He drew the basic shape of the parts he was missing, then he handed me the paper. "We are all set, let's take advantage of the scarce sunlight we have right now."

The sun was setting in the horizon, a blurry line of golden. The snow had stopped falling but the temperature outside was still frigid. We stepped outside into the cold, Crimson handed me a satchel, he took the pistol checking the ammunition. He glanced at his junkrider then sighed. He set foot toward the junkyard, just 50 metres (164 feet) away from our village.

Once in the junkyard, the sky was dark and the wind was blowing mercilessly against us, sending chills up and down my spine. Howls were heard in the distance, strange shadows were flickering from Crimson's lantern, which consisted of a sphere made of wire and paneled with glass, what fueled the flame was a mixture of fat with candle wax. I was looking around piles and heaps of junk and scraps of metal, rusting under the influences of nature. Cal was also looking around, I wondered about his mysterious ways. I make sure Crimson was still on sight before venturing deeper into the tall piles of junk. I was comparing the parts I find with the piece of paper, but none of them were good enough, nor clean. Most of them were in dilapidated conditions.

"Hey," Crimson's voice rang behind me, I turned around startled. "We are moving on, there is nothing here." I walked to him, Cal was looking toward the wall erected by the Hydroian empire. We followed Crimson, who was walking northward, I noticed his grip was tighter on the pistol. Cal and I were walking behind him.

"Hey, be careful with...oh..." I was warning Cal about a heap of metal just in front of him, but he was already walking around it, "...uhm...never mind."

He gave me a sly smile.

"How do you do that?" I ventured to ask, striking up some conversation but keeping my voice low.

"I don't know, I was born blind but I have always been guided by this presence," he said, "sounds weird but I have survived all these years thanks to the voice." He then turns to face me, "how about your hair, it is very uncommon yet breath-taking."

I blushed at the compliment, "I guess these silver strands are the side-effects of my exposure to the virus I suffered some years ago," I replied. I noticed the wall of Hydroian were coming closer to us, its massive size and structure were formidable. I glanced backward, the village was no longer in view, only piles, heaps, and conglomeration of decaying metal surrounded us.

"Crimson, we are leaving the village behind," I pointed out.

"You are still on time to turn around," he replied, his gaze forward. "There are no useful parts near the village, Hydroian dumps more wastes every once in a while. The piles near the wall would be worth looking for."

The region in proximity to the walls were the most dangerous, not only corpses were left to rot, but these odours attracted many monsters making this zone a total danger. I took Cal's hand and urged him forward, getting closer to Crimson. We were now some 100 metres (328 ft) away from the wall. The piles were high and numerous, the shadows were also darker and more threatening.

Crimson began examining the surrounding piles, tossing aside parts that he considered useless. I stooped to look after some parts, the satchel hung from my shoulder, empty. Cal knelt beside me, feeling each part lightly and moving his hands around.

After some 15 minutes, guttural noises rang in the place. Low gnarls and growls were resonating in our surroundings. Crimson was crouching on the ground, with his pistol on both his hands, a finger on the trigger. Crimson ordered us to maintain our current positions, I was watching precariously at our surroundings, Cal was straining to listen, to his voice maybe?

The raspy sounds increased in number and volume, we were being rounded up! Just then a pile of metal burst from our left, flying metals hurled at our position. Cal and I covered our heads, restraining ourselves from screaming. Crimson hid behind a pile, just then a creature jumped over the pile and landed hard on the ground. The creature had the appearance of an oversize human being, hunched forward, what appear like black scabs covered his face and body, only leaving his protruded eyeballs seen. Deafening shots rang from Crimson's pistol, it hit the creature in the chest spilling gray liquid with a fetid smell.

The creature staggered on its place, then walked toward Crimson, he shot once more but the creature was not weakened, only leaving traces of the gray liquid behind. The creature was pawing at Crimson, he was dodging and evading its hands. The pile Cal and I were standing next to burst revealing three more blood thirsty creatures. I screamed as the scraps of metal fell on our heads, Cal was on his knees turning his head around.

"Come here," Cal takes my hand and pulls me to my feet. He drags me with agility, strength, and confident of the way we were running to. We were running away from the wall, the creatures, and Crimson.

"Wait!" I struggled against his grasp, trying to lose free. "What about Crimson!"

"He will thank us, trust me!" Cal said. We ran some feet away from the creatures, Cal dropped to the ground and was moving parts aside.

"What are you looking for?" I knelt down and began pulling stuff aside to aid Cal.

"Something, I am not sure what is the name, the voice said it would be here..." Cal threw objects out of the way, "it is long, black, red..."

I pulled a piece of garment away and it revealed a long, black cylinder tainted with red, the end of the cylinder had a trigger and a magazine of bullets hanging from it. "I found it!" I shriek tugging it out from the pile.

Cal and I ran back to where we left Crimson, he was struggling with the creatures with a elongated piece of metal staff, his pistol was cast aside, without ammunition. He was bleeding from the arm, a lacerating not too deep ran along his upper arm. "I don't know how to use it!" I said as I was taking aim at a creature.

"Just shoot!" Cal urged frantically.

I pulled the trigger, a red blast shot from the cylinder and hit the creature. The creature yowled in pain, then fell backwards on the ground. The other creatures attention were turned to face us, Crimson fell on the ground, tired. The creatures walked toward us, I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. Fetid smell and creatures dropping to the ground filled the atmosphere. The creatures were dead, I took the cylinder and both Cal and I ran to Crimson. We gave him a quick smile, Cal brought his pistol, I laid down the powerful cylinder next to us and began examining Crimson's wound.

The End

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