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I regain conscious slowly, my vision blurred and my ears ringing. If I had known better I would have guessed I had got thrown off my junkrider, or lost in a fight. I hold my head blinking instinctively waiting for it to clear. A hand grips my shoulder as I do so. I quickly roll forwards, and jump up turning 180 degrees seeing a grey and black blur before me slowly coming into focus I grab the blur's shoulder and raise it up to its feet. A thief or intruder?

"What are you doing in my house?" I demand then I ask," Who are you?"

" My name is Cal, and what I'm doing here is meeting fate." The blur's voice says, I let go of the blur as my eyes regain more focus seeing, greying white shirt and torn black pants, with a blind fold and a mane of golden hair.

"Fate?" I ask unsure about this blindfolded man met.

"I'm a seer? well I'm blind but I have visions into the future."

"What in the world are you talkin.." Nauseous came over me and I bent over puking on the floor, remembering that some rumours about survivors of the virus. I stand up tall holding my stomach.

" You must be pulling my leg. A survivor, I presume?" I say grabbing a stick with a cloth on it wiping away the vomit off my stone floor.

"Yes, and why would you assume I am pulling your leg?"

"I've never seen a survivor of the virus have these so called abilities that the travellers claim they have, so its only logical to think its made up to bring hope to those who hope fora way out of this hell. If you ask me, the only way out is scaling those walls into the Hydr0ian empire." I say looking at Cal.

"Believe what you will but I assure its true." he reply's

"Uh huh,  anyways what do you want with me, and what's with the blindfold."

"I was told to come here through my sight, as for the blindfold, I would rather not say why I wear but it does not affect my sight because I am already lost the ability to see with my eyes."

" I see, well if you mean no harm take a seat but I assure you I'm nothing more then a mechanic and scavenger with dreams of being a citizen of the Hydroian empire. The living room is that way." I say leading him with my voice," I don't have a lot to offer food wise I have one water recycling unit and little fertile soil but I manage a few vegetables. I say giving him a half full cup of water and handing him a carrot.

"Thank you." He says grabbing both items without to much trouble locating them.

"So what exactly has your 'sight' shown which makes it so important to find a boy like me anyways." I say just about to sit down as his mouth opens to speak, as a knock at my door interrupts both actions.

"Just a second?" I say walking back through the hallway. What is up with all the visitors today?  And what the hell is up with my head? It hurts like bloody hell? Another knock sounds as I answer the door.

"Hello?" I say seeing someone I had not seen before at my door,

"Hi. My Name is Skye, and I hear your Crimson Snow is that correct?"

"Yeah it is. Not to be rude but may I ask why you're here."

"I'm a friend of Nico's and I'm looking after his little sister ,and heard you were working on cooling system, I was wondering if I could assist in anyway."

"Wish you could, I just don't have a few key components I've got all the screws, and bolts just need to find a fan and some tubing without any holes or just a few finding any parts in pristine condition is next to impossible. other then that I got a system that will could potentially be triggered when her temperature rises, and an efficient way to keep her body temperature in check.  So if you have any those parts it would be yes, and if your willing to make an expedition to help me find parts tomorrow sure." I say

" I see."

"Also how bad is the stigma now?"

"Its nearly covering the upper half of her body." She replied.

"Doesn't have long maybe a week if she is holding on to life. And I owe it up to Nico for the kindness he has shown me, guess I'm doing a night time expedition, no time to waste now." I say shaking with determination. I grab my fixed up pistol which looked like it had an identity crisis because it had the barrel of double barrel shot gun , and a magnum handle at the back which had been modified immensely.

"I walk back into the living room where Cal was already on his way to the front door.  I think I might be heading back out into the dark, to get some parts for a cooling system I'm making for a friend. Do you want to come?" I ask him before turning around to ask Skye, " So you want to come? I know its pretty dangerous but it wouldn't be my first time, and judging by what I saw today odd say maybe ten monsters at the worst."  I say pausing to here their answers.

The End

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