Skye: dire consequencesMature

"But we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in -- to prevent them from leaving us." 

26 June 1963, West Berlin
-President John F. Kennedy

Was there any truth to those words? Those words, spoken more than a century ago, had its desired effects back then but were hypocritical in a present like this one. There were walls, walls encircling the wealthy empires such as the one of Hydroian, the only places were decency of life could be enjoyed. These walls were erected thick for those who would pierce it, and tall for those who attempt climbing it. This wall was not to prevent anyone from escaping, but to avoid strangers and outsiders to enjoy its resources.

As human beings began to evolve, so did their necessities and their insatiable desire for more. They craved and extracted more from Earth than they could give back. With the oil reserves almost gone a war erupted between nations to possess the remaining petroleum. The most powerful nations could afford going to war, but that war lead to a massive carnage, blood ending in our oceans. Alternatives emerged: hydroelectric power, but it had setbacks as well. Inhabitants of Earth had abused of its resources for so many centuries that the Earth ended up being infertile in many parts of the world, especially in the developing nations, causing famine and deaths.

Our unmeasured use of pollutants, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, CFL's, etc., added a grayish colour to our skies. Acid rain was abundant and lethargic. Our crops were lost, the land had high concentration of acidity, salts predominated and soon due to the wind erosion it became granular and infertile. Most of the variety of flora and fauna became extinct, gradually. The acid rains not only affected organic life, but inorganic as well. It weakened building structures causing them to collapse, thus killing a vast majority of people. Any type of metal rusts and corrodes by its devastating acids and ended up in the junkyard, bridges fell (ex. Golden Gate), the transportation system failed.

Contamination polluted the atmosphere and clogged it, impeding the penetration of sunlight into our planet. Many animals and plants died due to the lack of sun, the hydrological cycle was halted. Frigid temperatures override Earth, diseases appeared and killed many people. The remaining population seek refugee in the still-standing nations, massive waves of immigration occurred. The strong nations were desperate to shun out these intruders, so they built walls around them to protect themselves. Scientists launched a series of biological viruses, some of them having the capabilities of altering blood cells formation, thus clogging veins and arteries. Many died due to the different types of viruses and diseases that affect them.

 Everything evolves, its their natural way. Just as we evolved, other creatures evolved. Some people survived the viruses and some died but are reborn into aberrant creatures, but they were deemed as monsters due to their abnormal physical formations and side-effects. They lurk in the darkness. Lately, these creatures desired human flesh to satiate their hunger, they would go hunting. The nations, thus knowing this, were appalled. They took precaution and doubled the security and reinforcement of their walls.

Nothing is left, other than dust and rust for the outsiders. Some managed to survived in clans and tight communities, while others are nomads in search of the better quality of life being outsiders. Many of these communities are assembled just outside the perimeters of the walls, where the junkyards were located. They knitted communities to protect themselves and to survive. Many still had the dream in their hearts of crossing the wall into a better life.

When the pie is big, nobody minds sharing. But when it gets smaller, they will fight for the ever so diminishing pieces.

Skye was a nomad, traveling with a group of people of various ages. They reached a village just outside Hydroian, where its inhabitants were amiable enough to share food and shelter with them. The newly arrived nomads shared stories and descriptions of the devastation many places have suffered. What lies in ruins was nothing more than shattered dreams and hopes. The nomads were leaving, in search for a better life, but Skye stayed.

She had learned enough to be a healer, and had seen enough catastrophe to desire any more. She stayed and look after a home shelter for children who had lost their parents. Being an orphaned, she learned to take care of herself and comfort the children who felt lonely and unwanted. She also went from house to house to assist and help the sick. If not to cure, to relief them from pain and agony. A wasteland surrounded them, but it was a home. 

Skye went outside, red snow covered the ground. Little evaporation occurred, mostly on oceans, blood bath oceans. The red water vapour was stored in clouds, the wind system blew the clouds to different parts of the world, when precipitation manifest it happened in form of snow or ice pellets. The raindrops would freeze on their way through the sky, as a consequence of freezing weather conditions. She picked up a casserole pot from the ground, the snow had melted, red water stored.

She brought it inside the home of the convalescent girl she was taking care of. She wet a towel and applied it to the burning skin of the girl lying on a blanket. The stigma was advancing, covering almost her upper body. Skye had survived the virus, she prayed the same fate for the girl.

"Hey, is Dana all right?" Nico asked from behind her. Skye turn and shook her head sadly.

"I am afraid it is advancing," she replied. Nico kneel beside her, he took his little sister's hand in between his. "Any luck?"

Nico shook his head sadly, "he said he is missing some parts."

"I see," Skye murmured, "how many days has he been working on this?" My voice sounded demanding.

"Quite a while," Nico said.

Skye hummed in contemplation, "it is time I meet Mr. Crimson Snow, where does he lives?"

"I don't think he will appreciate being disturbed," said Nico.

"I won't disturb him, I only want to help him." Skye saw melancholy in Nico's eyes. "She will be okay for tonight, there is nothing we can do for now. Just keep her temperature down by placing a wet towel on her once in a while. And if the water gets warmer, go outside to get more snow. I will come back after my visit."

Nico nodded in gratitude and describe how to get to Crimson's house. After setting everything down, Skye set out toward Crimson's house. She knew little of Crimson, she only knew he own a rider and he spent many hours in the junkyard just outside their village. All doubts would be cleared as she neared his home.

The End

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