Crimson SnowMature


The sky shone red in the cold northern winter, to add to atmosphere it was snowing, snowing red. Which is Ironic at least to my anyways because of my name.

"Crimson" I say to myself and pause briefly," Snow." I sigh. I was perched on a pile of scrap metal which was taller then the ones around it. This was the Hydroian empires dump site, its been around long before my parents parents where born. As far as knew it could be really the ancient ruins of long gone civilization.  My parents had told me the sight was made to clean out the scrap metal and what not that used to be in the place of what was now Hydroian borders where a large metal wall shut it out from the outside world.  That place was a good 100 kilometres north of here. I could just barely make out the a wall that was along a river that I could not see.

It had always been a dream of mine to get behind the walls to see what life was like behind them, even though the people behind those walls feared people from the outside and called them monsters, even if they had killed my parents, and hunted me down in there flying vehicles or land vehicles. I still wanted to know maybe then I could understand why they feared me , or others who struggled to live outside of their walls. I look back down at the setting sun. I guess it was time to get back home before I get caught out here with the monsters, unable to see them.  Scrambling down the pile catching myself multiple times for falling I get to my small vehicle I call junkrider which had four wheels miscellaneous parts and a nearly dead battery from the last air vehicle I shot down. It was for the most part orange with rust but had a few stainless metals that where scratched heavily but still shown brightly in the sunlight. It also carried beaten solar panel on it which did not gather much power especially around this time of year. However it was much better then a few of the other outsiders that I lived with had.

I press together two exposed wires getting a slight shock but starting the powerful electrical engine. I accelerated by turning pulling what used to be a break leaver from an older vehicle. The Junkrider began to move forwards the tires crushing junk as it went.  As I picked up speed I either launched myself off junk or sent flying dangerously above my head, but by my many years of trial and error I had become quiet skilled in riding the Junkrider.

Half an hour later I reach the entrance to a canyon where a camp of outsiders like me stayed. Some of us lived there whiles others passed through constantly on the move, I was a friends with all the permanent residents, as well as some of the temporary ones who had been here for a short time. The people where good but not easy to trust since everyone had it hard, I kept my belongings well hidden as well as under a lock.

The village had small wall with a two guards who had over the years been handed down the duty by their parents and built there guard system with an assortment of weapons from the massive junkpile to the Hydroian hunters who occasionally tried to give us trouble. All the permanent residents of the village lived in the rock face well sheltered from an attack from air, but also easy to defend from ground vehicles if need be.  My home was on the right side of the canyon in a deep niche where my parents had found a cave and dug it out to make into a two floored home with whatever comforts an outside could find.  We also had built a type of garage for the Junkrider even though it wouldn't take much to break the lock and steal it. since it was made from weak and already stressed fatigued metals.  Still it was enough to discourage a thief. I park the junkrider, and get out grabbing a few dirtied and torn mesh packs that I slung around my back. I had filled them with a few parts that I gathered to make myself a device that could keep things cold, as well as recycle water. As I locked up the junkrider I heard footsteps fall on the newly fallen red snow compress behind me.

"Hey Crimson find, or made anything worth selling to me? My sister is doing so well with virus. I couldn't bare to lose her." Nico said behind me. He came here everyday begging me for anything could help his sister along with her illness since I was one of the few who had survived the virus.

"Sorry Nico, nothing, just keep her in bed, and when I finish building the cooling device I will haul it over to help keep her temperature under control. But I won't be finished for a while. I'm still missing parts."

"But she gets worse everyday, I just!!!" He says with anguish but I disrupt him.

" I know I'm trying Nico just hang in there alright. I will get this device running. Anyways has the stigma grown much since yesterday?"

" Yeah the orange and black spots of  have grown from the cheek to her shoulders now, and she says its hard to keep conscious."

" Oh, this is not good. Has she been craving raw meet?"

" No not yet, but I'm." He stops his mouth still moving but no words come. I give him a sympathetic look before walking over to him and giving the suffering man a hug.

"She is going to be alright, hang in there. I will finish the device in three days and power it with little battery I have left from the junkrider."I  say patting him on the back before walking into my home. Nico stands there speechless , but thankful as he also begins to walk his own way home.

As soon as I close my door my vision blurs for a second as a raging headaches comes in like a shooting star burning my head, Even though I had survived the virus a part of it always seemed to inflict pain on me and cause strange things to happen. This time however I lose consciousness on my floor.

The End

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