Verge of extinctionMature

The planet is dying from pollution, resources are low the planet just lost its main source of power. The western edge of canada that is power by Hydro is one of the few glowing beacons of society with electricty but its under siege by anarchy and terror. With the worlds population down by a third a strange virus hits killing another third. The survivors of the virus soon realzie the virus wasn't just a curse but a gift as the virus gives them superanatural.human powers. However the human race is


The world had fallen before we ran out of oil. Earth broke out into a war zone that affected each country, like no other before it. After the war could not be sustained, smaller scaled  battles took place furthering the decay of civilization, Anarchy ruled all, with an iron fist, and left over weapons. It took at least half a century before western Canada made itself know as its electricity was generated by hydro. Other such civilizations sprouted but could not sustain a population bringing up walls on those who did not make it, so they were forced to live out of the city walls,and to fend for themselves in the radiated areas, infertile parts of the planet. Later these people became regarded as deadly creatures that must be eliminated. As if earth itself was bleeding the oceans turned red as time continued on. Conflict and destruction reigned earth's people lost its own history, as resources became even more scarce, What was used to be known as western Canada became known as the Hydroian empire.

As if not enough people died a deadly virus tears across earth killing many, and leaving the survivors grief ridden and in pain as something changed them, some becoming beasts that hungered only for flesh, and others changed humans with abilities which only the brain is learning to process. This is where our story begins, now we will  see which direction the changing human race goes. Will it go into the darkness to never see the light again, or will it head to the light and lead to a bright future without suffering?

The End

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