Which is Which?Mature

A set of twins, Justin and Anthony, are really close and have been by each others side since they were born. But what happens when someone gets in between the two? This is a BL so if you don't like it, don't read it.

It all started out as an accident. I never meant for any of this to happen. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    My twin brother, Justin, and I went to the bar today. He always goes to the bar after he gets into a fight with his lover. Apparently, Justin had kicked his lover out after he supposedly ‘cheated’ on him. If you didn’t know my brother, you would think he did the right thing. But really, he's a tease. Once he gets what he wants from you, he throws you away like nothing.
    “God! I hate that bastard!” Justin yells. Here he goes on one of his dumb rants. “Why would someone cheat on a person like me? I mean, look at me, I’m amazing!” I rolled my eyes, knowing that his egotistical tirade was about to start.
    “Shut up, you always get all high and mighty when your drunk,” I stated. But hell, even when you’re sober your like this. I finished the last of my beer and took out my wallet. “Come on, lets get your drunk ass home.” I grabbed Justin’s arm and dragged him outside after paying for our drinks. Justin continued on with his drunk rant.
    “Why do I always pick a jerk for a partner? Forget it, from now on,” he wrapped his arms around my neck, ”you’re gonna be the only man in my life, bro.” I laughed at his stupidity, prying his arms from my neck.
    “Okay, whatever little brother. Just don’t crawl into my bed at night.” I know what you might be thinking, but our relationship isn’t like that. We are just really close brothers. We even work in the same company. I love him in a brotherly way. We have a bond that is unbreakable,  I mean, we’re twins after all.
    We walked out of the bar and out onto the crowded street. The snowy, smoke drenched air was refreshing compared to the musty, drunk smell of the bar. We walked for no more than half before Justin rushed into an ally and threw up. I leaned onto a bike rail while waiting for the pitiful fool to finish throwing up the money I spent for his eight beers. Looking up to the sky, I looked for the stars but couldn’t find any. I guess the city lights are too bright for the night sky.
    “Justin!” yelled a guy running down the street. I turned to find a guy who was about 6 foot 4. He had shaggy black hair and was wearing a long brown coat with a red scarf. I don’t blame him, it’s cold with all this snow. The guy ran right up to me and bent over, gasping for air. “Justin, there you are!” the man heaved, trying to catch his breath,” I’ve been looking all over for you.” Oh crap, I’ve been mistaken for Justin… again.
    “Look man, you’ve got the wrong-”
    “No, just listen to what I have to say,” he interrupted, “It’s not what you thought. The man I was having lunch with was my boss. He wanted me to help him with a huge business deal. I love only one person and that’s you.” This must be the one Justin kicked out. I knew he was over reacting about this guy who was supposedly cheating on him.
    “Look man, I said you-” Before I could finish, he grabbed my shoulders and pressed his lips passionately against mine. I tried to push him away but he had a strong grip. He moved his hands to the back of my neck and continued to kiss me. He is getting way too into this. The worst thing of all was that I started to feel his passion. I grabbed his wrists and tried to pull him off. Another failed attempt.
    The guy finally let go and I glanced over my shoulder and saw Justin standing right in front of us. It seemed like he was about to cry. I have never seen him like that, and to know that I’m a part of the cause makes me want to jump off a cliff.
    “Anthony? Wait, Justin,” The man looked at me and pointed to Justin, “Why are there two of you? And why is he calling you Anthony?” He seemed even more confused than Justin.
    “You dumb ass, I’m Justin!” he yelled, “That is my twin brother Anthony! Why are you kissing him?” Justin looked so angry he could melt the snow falling around us.
    “Justin, it’s not what it looks like. He just came up to me thinking I was you. I didn’t do this on purpose,” I explained hurriedly, distancing myself from the man. “Listen, lets just think about-” Justin right hooked me straight in the jaw. I was completely shocked. Never once has he ever hit me.
    “How could you do this to me? You knew I was upset about Walter cheating on me,” Justin cried, “If you think I’ll forgive you, you have another thing coming. Don’t talk to me, ever!” He started to walk away when the man, apparently named Walter, grabbed his arm.
    “Wait, I didn’t know that you had a twin,” he said, still utterly confused, “I’m so sorry. I had no idea.” Justin yanked his arm away from his grasp.
    “Don’t touch me ass hole! I never want to see you again either.” Walter was taken aback. It looked like Justin had shot him in the chest. Justin stomped away, called a cab and left. People who stopped and watched the incident walked away as well. But me? I just stood there, still shocked and surprised. I had lost my brother in such a short amount of time because of this buffoon, Walter.
    Speaking of which, he stood in his spot as well. But instead of staring after Justin, he stared at me. This disgusted me. After all that had happened he still had the nerve to look at me with eyes of passion. I’m not Justin!
    “This is all your fault,” I muttered. Frustrated, I started off to my car and took another glance back at Walter, his eyes still on me. I huffed and continued walking down the street to my car, driving away in rage. I have to get Justin back, I thought to myself, I just have too.

The End

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