It was obviously a day like any other. Just like two years ago when I first moved into this eccentric neighborhood. Just like this morning when the neighbors woke me up with their usual morning arguing, and just like tomorrow when it will all happen again. The sun was barely peeking over the rooftops of the houses across the street, and the light just so happened to spill into my window and fall over my eyes as if teasing me that It was time to wake up.

     I pulled my pillow from under my head and shoved it over my eyes in frustration hoping that the sun would change its mind and go back down for a few more hours. It was no use. My alarm clock jumped to a start and continued blaring until my hand came down over the top of it whacking the snooze button. I groaned. I hoped I broke it for good this time.

     By the time I looked at the clock again it read 3:45. Why was I not surprised? My life was monotonous. Florida was an ideal place for monotony. I'd only wished continually that it was an ideal place for crime. At least then my life would be exciting. I'm not asking for a perfect life exactly, just that I wouldn't wake up every morning to-

     "Caleb, get your ass out of bed it's nearly time to go to sleep again!"

     And so began my day...or night I should say.

     I was never one for tidying up, so that usually meant that my clothes would stay strewn across the floor of my already-littered-with-unidentifiable-trash sort of a room. As they would again today. Jogging down the creaky carpet stairs from the second floor my gaze was met by my younger brother's who looked agitated. My adventure from my room had brought me into our cramped little kitchen, where there stood a dining table we purchased from Wal-Mart, and assembled over the course of the night after buying it. No one told you a hammer would be needed! The neighbors wouldn't speak to us for weeks, but I didn't care, payback's a bitch. 

     "Bro, I told you I don't have anything scheduled today, man, I just need to catch up on my sleep".

     Robert rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Yeah, that sounds accurate since your calendar says you're supposed to be meeting Kevin at 4:00 to go over to Weyley to do your first day of community service you bum, and it's already hmmm...3:50! Do you really want tobe back in jail you idiot?

    I'd completely forgotten! If gotten into a bit of trouble a few months back with the law, and the judge said I had to fulfill a set amount of community service... If I knew it meant going to the Weyley to clean up dog crap I'd have kept my nose clean...

     I'm the older brother but when it came down to it, Robert was always one for keeping me on track. Pretty ironic no? Me being the older brother, and him younger? Never mind, embarrassing. I suppose it didn't work this time.

     I got ready to for my interview and sped out of the door. Hopping into my busted up Toyota Celica I peeled out of the driveway and down the street. Before long I pulled up to the Weyley animal shelter and parked my piece of crap. I hated this dump. It smelled like animal droppings and piss. If it weren't for my brother I wouldn't touch this place with a ten foot pole...bleh....I suppose money is money, no matter how dirty the job is. 
     I was startled by Kevin who appeared at the window and knocked on the glass. He seemed to get a good kick out of the fact that I jumped. I'd give him a good kick later.


     Zipping up my messenger bag I heard Kevin say 'Get in here dude!' I was nervous. I knew where I was, and who was in the office. The last girl on earth I'd work for if my finances were crumbling...and they were. I took a deep breath, knowing what was to come and stepped into Nani's office with a winced face as though I were about to be struck by a verbal mallet. "No, no way! Get the hell out of my office!" 
     Nani's words made me smirk. Not because she was mad, but because I expected it. There's something about being right that fills you with pride, even if you get hurt in the process. I realized I needed to change my way of thinking, so I let the smile drip from my face. 
     "eheh...surprise?" I said.
     The angry look on her face told me she was well past the surprise part and on to internalizing my intentions. "Listen...I need money, and bad...You're the only place that's hiring, and trust me...if someone else were, I'd be there, this place makes me wanna vomit...What do you say we just bang the job out, and keep to ourselves?"
     Nani composed herself and folded her arms in front of her chest, leaning back in her roller chair. It looked comfortable...a lot more so than me in the situation I was facing. With a detesting look painted on her face she took a shallow breath to speak...

The End

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