Xavior : Boquet

The wedding was incredible, and when I said "You may now kiss the bride" it started to snow, the room was filled with joy and happiness, everything else could wait, today would be a day for celebration.

We all collected into the hall for pictures and the reception.

"Everyone! Asha's going to throw the boquet!" All of the girls flooded behind Asha.

"Ready? One, two three!" the boquet went flying and landed in an unsuspecting girl's hands.

"Harmony's next!" I could see a faint blush beneath her skin, if it were possible for me I would be too.

The music started "Time to uh...cut the cake" Harmony announced.

Jay and Asha walked side by side, not as two individuals but as one. The both pick up the knife and cut the cake. In a gesture as old as time they linked their arms and each ate a piece.

Cheering errupted and Jay and Asha kissed again.

Then the dancing started, we all paired off and began to glide across the floor. Harmony was effortlessly graceful, she didn't think so but I didn't care, I hope that one day we can be as happy as Jay and Asha.

They danced together in perfect harmony, harmony that only true loves had.

The End

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