Jay: Awkward Love

 Asha looked incredible as she glided graciously down the stairs. Her dress fit her perfectly, and it only made her even more beautiful. Harmony had done a great job.

 Her eyes quickly glanced at my ring, and I smiled, peering at hers. This was actually happening, and I couldn't be happier.

 When she was standing in front of me, nothing else registered in my mind. Just her. Whereas before, I was looking around the room, at the beautifully decorated...Everything. But now, I didn't care about the room. Just her.

 She seemed very happy too. She was even smiling when she looked up at Xavior. I was frightened that there might be a bit of tension; some sort of awkwardness, but there was none. I hadn't killed my family any more, and she wasn't the Shadow. All of that was forgotten.

 Our eyes didn't part for ages. Even when we said our vows, and I do, we still stared into each other's eyes with a burning joy.

 When Xavior finally said 'you may kiss the bride', I did so with so much love inside of me. Using my Ice Powers, I made it snow inside, and beautiful, unique little dots of snow graciously floated to the ground. When we finished our kiss, the floor was completely white, and there was snow in everyone's hair. No-one seemed to notice; they were all staring at us, overwhelmed with joy.

The End

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