Asha: Promises.

"It's me, Xavior. Let me in, I need to explain"

After a brief discussion, we agreed to let Xavior in, although we were both on alert, me with my weapons out. He obviously knew what he was going up against and had probably read from our emotions that we knew. Jay opened the door, then came to stand by me, looking both casual and protective. I knew that with a flick of his wrist, Xavior would be ice anyway.

I know what it sounded like guys but you have to understand that it isn't like that. avior was talking with his mind. Why was everyone doing that nowadays? I didn't believe him though, as Lee flashed in my mind. Then what is it?

Look, before you say, well think anything you have to know that I'm not a council member.

Then what are you? A spy? Were you just using Harmony this whole time? I shot bakc at him icily. The temperature in the room dropped noticably and I saw Jay glaring at Xavior. He could hear every word we said.

No! I would never hurt Harmony! I would never hurt anyone! It's not like that at all, our lives came together when I heard her crying from her room, I wasn't there as a spy or a council member. Xavior responded rapidly clearly uncomfortable now.

Then why were you there? Jay answered for me

I sighed I was there because my father wanted me to learn as much as possible, so that I could take his place.

And your Father would be? Jay was impatient and hadn't realised as I had. My mind raced ahead, peicing everything together even as Xavior spoke.

A pureblood, the current ruler, I know that you have met my sister before and her friend Sara still lives here but she was never in line for the throne. I am her older brother Xavior Nether Ivy Ganai, a pure blood prince.

But you don't have the same-

The same aura that makes you want to serve me? No, I don't use it. I never have and never will, as soon as I saw what they were doing, when I saw Harmony, when I talked to her... My life changed, I stopped acting like some prince and started to act like a person but I was too late and Harmony had already been turned, she followed me and trusted me and I've always felt so guilty, I've always been trying to earn that trust the right way.

So your not here to spy on us? To hurt us?  This was me, trying to get to the heart of the matter.


I could feel the sincerity coming from Xavior. We could trust him.

Why wont you tell Harmony? She'll understand  Jay asked.

You guys know how much she hates the whole council, they ruined her life so i'm not causing her any more pain. Please, don't tell her. Kill me if you want but don't tell her.

I am not going to cause Harmony more pain by killing you. I replied.

But if anything changes and either Jay or Harmony gets hurt because of you, I will.  I added, to make things clear.

Suddenly Harmony burst in like a whirlwind, seemingly on a mission.

"Hey Groom, doesn't bad luck mean anything to you? out, the bride needs to change. Xavior, you too" She flapped her hands at them, an efficient mixture of authority and organisation. Jay gave me a breif smile before he was ushered out by Harmony.

She found my dress and helped me get ready again, fixing my makeup and hair. I was edgy, wound up by everything.

 "Asha, calm down. Everythings going to be fine" Harmony spoke soothingly. I took a deep breath and she spun me around to face the mirror.

"You look beautiful" She said smiling at me in the mirror. I smiled back at her.

"You have done an amazing job Harmony.." I said, stunned. "I don't recognise myself!"

She laughed, "Jay certainly will. Come on, its time." She handed me my bouquet and we joined Aria in the corridor.

We walked out to the top of the stairs and as I looked down, all the vampires in the Mansion were there all looking up at me. There was a moment's hush as the music started up. I barely glanced at anyone as my eyes found Jay. His sleek suit fitted him perfectly, hugging his frame in all the right places. I couldn't help smiling as his crimson eyes found mine. He smiled back at me, looking slightly stunned. My heart was in my throat as I walked slowly down the stairs towards him. I looked down breifly as I stepped from the last step. The room seemed to fade away.

When I looked up again, I only saw Jay. The light glanced off his blond hair, creating little sparks of gold. The way it fell long, nearly over his eyes, but stopping short of their long lashes. The way his crimson eyes seemes to glow as they watched me get closer. His perfectly sculpted lips lifted on one side as I lifted my head. The dark suit he wore showed off the defined planes of his body. His elegant yet powerful hands hung losely by his side, the sliver band I had given him, what seemed like an age ago now, gleamed softly.

I smiled, pure joy surging through me. He was beautiful and he loved me. I was going to marry someone I truly loved and who was never going to abandon me. There was nothing that was going to stop this, it was happening right now. Nothing was going to take Jay away from me. We belonged to each other and the whole world was going to see that.

The End

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