Harmony: Organised

I knew Xavior was keeping something from me but I left it. Imira lead me in the opposite direction to the mansion, claiming I should relax, that I've done enough for today.

"But the wedding is being delayed again! I'm going back to the mansion and so are you. The wedding is going foward today, no arguments"

Imira sighed "Fine" and we ran into the mansion, I guesse that my expression meant there was no use in aruing. 

"Everyone! Into your outfits! Set up the decorations! Ready the music! We have 2 hours and the wedding is going to start so move!" I ran into the hall and helped Sylvester hang up garlands of flowers and then the altar. "Go change, Aria, help him." they both left and I finished it off.

"Imira, go get changed too and oh" I pulled something out of my pocket and handed it to her "I though t it was apropriate" It was a silver lightning bolt necklace.

"Thanks Harmony"

"It's okay now go!"

I ran up to Asha's room, Jay was with her "Hey Groom, doesn't bad luck mean anything to you? out, the bride needs to change. Xavior, you too" I motioned for them to go, my mood was a mixture of authority and organisation.

I pulled out Asha's dress, fixed the hem and helped her put it on, re-applying makeup and styling her hair back to the way it was. She seemed nervous, edgy "Asha, calm down. Everythings going to be fine"

I changed into my subtle and poofy dress and came back, my hair in loose waves down my back.

The End

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