Xavior: Oh Cr**!

Imira was clear that no-one was to know who I really was, why I was at the council base, why no-one attacked me when I saved Harmony....

Harmony. I could not let her find out, if she hated me, I wouldn't want to exist. I felt someone listening to our thought and tuned in on their emotions....Jay and Asha, oh Cr**! "Imira, can you take Harmony? I think it'd be good of she stayed away from the mansion, get some fresh air..."

Imira nodded once and smiled at Harmony, talking in a light tone and walking in the opposite direction. As soon as they were out of sight I ran to the castle as fast as I could and knocked on Asha's door.

"Who's there?" Jay called from behind the door.

"It's me, Xavior. Let me in, I need to explain"

There was some mumbling and thuds coming from behind the door and I was let in. I saw that Asha was equipt with her weapons, Jay standing casual but protective by her side. I shut the door.

I know what it sounded like guys but you have to understand that it isn't like that

Asha's eyes narrowed, I knew she was thinking about Lee's treachery Then what is it?

Look, before you say, well think anything you have to know that I'm not a council member.

Then what are you? A spy? Were you just using Harmony this whole time? I felt the ice directed at me both mentally and physically.

No! I would never hurt Harmony! I would never hurt anyone! It's not like that at all, our lives came together when I heard her crying from her room, I wasn't there as a spy or a council member.

Then why were you there?

I sighed I was there because my father wanted me to learn as much as possible, so that I could take his place.

And your Father would be? Jay was impatient, confused, Asha realised at once.

A pureblood, the current ruler, I know that you have met my sister before and her friend Sara still lives here but she was never in line for the throne. I am her older brother Xavior Nether Ivy Ganai, a pure blood prince.

But you don't have the same-

The same aura that makes you want to serve me? No, I don't use it. I never have and never will, as soon as I saw what they were doing, when I saw Harmony, when I talked to her... My life changed, I stopped acting like some prince and started to act like a person but I was too late and Harmony had already been turned, she followed me and trusted me and I've always felt so guilty, I've always been trying to earn that trust the right way.

So your not here to spy on us? To hurt us?


Why wont you tell Harmony? She'll understand

You guys know how much she hates the whole council, they ruined her life so i'm not causing her any more pain. Please, don't tell her. Kill me if you want but don't tell her.

The End

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