Asha: Contract To Kill

"I have a contract to kill all Bolt Throwers. From the Council. If I see Imira again, I'll have to kill her." 

Asha! Imira was yelling in my mind. I ignored her, trying to concentrate on Jay, who was not saying anything.

"Jay.." I began then winced as Imira yelled again.

She shouldn't be able to do that..

Listen, Asha. You don't have to kill me. She was pushing the thoughts forcefully, creating a sharp pressure. Jay was looking concerned, I was trying to sheild this from him but the pressure was making it hard to.

How is she doing that?

I don't want to kill you. I have a contract to. I'll have to if you're still there when I open the door. I pushed the thought out with all the force I could muster. I heard her go and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"What was that?" Jay asked, putting his arm around me. "Are you okay?" He asked when I didn't reply.

"I think I'm getting a headache." I groaned "And I have no idea what that was, I've never experienced anything like it." I looked up at him. "Why can't we have a simple wedding?"

He laughed putting his head on mine. "Ash.. I don't think we are ever going to have a simple life-where would the fun be in that?"

I mock-groaned again, half-laughing. "What are we going to do?" I sighed.

"We'll sort something." He replied calmly.

I closed my eyes, letting my mind wander, touching the thoughts of the others lightly. Mostly, there was nothing interesting. I found Imira-and shot bolt upright.

"Jay... Are you seeing this?" I asked out lous

".. Xavior and Imira are Council members." Jay's voice was heavy.

I turned to look at him, my heart in my throat. Imira knew who I was. She could destroy us easily, not to mention Xavior, who knew everything from Harmony. Suddenly Lee's appearance didn't seem so random. Imira could have easily found Lee. With the Council's resources it wouldn't have taken too long. The only reason I had survived so long as The Shadow was because none of the clients knew who I was. Now I was working for someone who knew exactly who I was. So why the contract to kill Bolt Throwers? And it still left Xavior..

"What's going to happen now?" I whispered, suddenly paranoid about who I could trust.

The End

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